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Thread: Receiver secca TRX 101 CI

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    Receiver secca TRX 101 CI

    how i can to get the table of keys for receiver SECCA TRX 101 CI THANKS

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    Re: Receiver secca TRX 101 CI

    this is clone of your receiver to be easy for help

    Digimaster DM 4500 VFTA: DVB-S, 5000 Ch., FTA, >SM<(IBM)
    Digimaster DM 5300 DCI: DVB-S, 5000 Ch., 2x CI, >M<(IBM_J))
    Digimaster DM 5300 V CI: DVB-S, 5000 Ch., 2x CI, >SM<(IBM)
    Digimaster DM 5300 CIP: DVB-S, 5000 Ch., 2x CI, Positioner, >S<(IBM_J)
    ICE FC-3000:DVB-S, 5000 Ch., 2x Common Interface
    Samsung SPVR 801 CI: DVB-S, 5000 Ch., Twin Tuner, PVR 40GB, 2x Common Interface
    Mediacom MCI-710 PVR: DVB-S, 5000 Ch., Twin Tuner PVR 40 GB, 2x Common Interface, >S<
    Mediacom MCI-710 P: DVB-S, 5000 Ch., 2x Common Interface, Positioner, >S<
    ===> Secca TRX-101 CI: DVB-S, 4000 Ch., 2x Common Interface

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