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Thread: Looking for life after Charlie

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    Looking for life after Charlie

    I am a current owner of a MRX-1000 because a friend of mine gave up on it after not seeing any firmware updates since mid summer of last year. I have been looking for any updates for the unit only to painfully find that after months of searching there aren't any firmware updated that work with Charlie. Across my searches I stumbled upon a bin from what I can tell is an European FTA unit (Lazer 2003) and tried using to see if it would work with Charlie, and though it opened some channels (mostly locals from other states) it did not work. It was then that I got the idea of using the MRX for another provider (this case being Globec@st). I have been searching for information but every site that I go to only have discussions about MRX with Charlie, so I am currently seeking anyone who can help me try to set up this MRX with Globec@ast. I currently have a dish (a 4.5 inch or so I've been told) that used to be pointed to Charlie 119 free to used however. I also have two dishes pointed to Charlie 119 & 110 which I regretfully am using (or not using) with an Atmega 128 card. I want to use this free dish to point it to Globec@st but I am not sure if it can be done with the dish that I have (I read somewhere that a bigger dish was needed). I know from seeing in lyngsat that GC transmits on the Ku band like Charlie but I'm really not sure if my LNB will work with GC (it works perfectly with Charlie). My last doubt would be that with Charlie I could change the keys from Nagra in my receiver in line 39, 40, 41 and 42. I was told that GC can be used without a firmware update or with the factory bin and that I would only have to input the GC keys (C101), but under what encryption (Irdeto, Nagra, Biss, Digicypher). Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    I second the request

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