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Thread: Matrix crashing

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    Matrix crashing

    Hi all out there, Please can i get some help with loading and keeping MRB312 in the Cam. Every time i load the Cam i put it in the STB, it is recognised, but as soon as i change the channel from FTA to a Nagra encrypted one it is not recognised anymore. I have tried loading other files , such as MR1170 and still the same story. what i am trying to open is Digi tv, i cant find new SW for my Starsat SR-X650CI , so i am trying to open it with the Matrix. If you can help i would be very gratefull. shastan

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    Re: Matrix crashing

    Try this Hi
    Here is a mrb/file digi tv that works ok on a m/r cam
    or m/m 2 mr cam you will have 2 update keys on it

    1] GO 2 A [FTA] channel on 1 west
    2] go into menu into [Blocker] turn [Nagravision EMU 2 [OFF]
    3] keep on [FTA] channel update keys [digi tv]
    4] now go 2 [Digi tv e.g tv 1000]
    wait 15 sec 4 it 2 kick keep it on digi tv or you will kill your cam the only way 2 get it back is with [cass 2 or 3]
    p.s you will have 2 update keys [22 01 08]

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    Re: Matrix crashing

    Many thanks for your help, I did what you said and found that it worked ok until i moved to another channel like "Travel" then crash. I did find that on the MRB file there was only the 2 lines for codes, so after putting in the new codes, and it working , i then went back to my STB and put the codes into the other 2 lines ie: 00 and not the 01 , BANG it worked. So why hadn't i tried that before? Once again thanks for your time and thus giving me other idea's of how to try things. shastan

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    Re: Matrix crashing

    hi m8 ,
    been using matrix reborn for several years now.
    mrb312 is daily bin(usually)sometimes lasts longer.
    it not usually needed to input by remote.
    you can use mrb editor 1.1,and update with softcam bin if your keen.
    you can add tv globo, but will never get digitv in same bin to work.
    to do this go to RSA put rsa for globo in RSA1.line.
    change top nagr2 ident and provider and ideea key to globo.
    tick save as box rename mrb312globo.
    it will appear on you desktop,ready to flash.
    enjoy .

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