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Thread: Request to Setup DreamBox 7020-S for $$$

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    Question Request to Setup DreamBox 7020-S for $$$

    Hi All,

    I am having issues setting up my dreambox, currently running Gemini 4.20, to the way it should ideally be setup and that would be:

    1. Auto Update of Keys from Internet using Crond
    2. Have as many unlocked channels as one can possibly have without the extra sophisticated physical cams.
    3. Setting up of GBOX with a service provider or someone that is willing on getting paid $$$ to access their GBOX server.
    4. Tweak DreamBox for best performance
    5. Creating a backup image of the above
    6. Recommendations on additional nifty services/hardware to have

    Setup Specs:

    Satellites: Hotbird 13e & Nilesat 7w
    DreamBox 7020-S - Alpine Tuner with 80GB Seagate HD and 512MB USB Storage
    4Mbit connection to the Internet

    As I do not like to place a price tag on one's skills, I will leave the offer open. Please send me a PM with your offer and next steps.

    **Payment will be made using Paypal.

    Many thanks,

    BTW- This Community Rocks!!

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    Re: Request to Setup DreamBox 7020-S for $$$


    This offer is no joke.

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