Movies on Showtime 09th / 16th November


Satellite: Nilesat 101 at 7.0 west Frequency: 11977V Encryption: Irdeto 2

November 09 to November 16

C/S or when available


Cinema 1 and 2

The Holiday (2006) Comedy / Drama / Romance

Starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Eli Wallach. Directed by Nancy Meyers.

Iris is in love with a man who is about to marry another woman. Across the globe, Amanda realizes the man she lives with has been unfaithful. Two women who have never met and live 6000 miles apart, find themselves in the exact same place. They meet online at a home exchange website and impulsively switch homes for the holiday. Iris moves into Amanda's L.A. house in sunny California as Amanda arrives in the snow covered English countryside. Shortly after arriving at their destinations, both women find the last thing either wants or expects: a new romance. Amanda is charmed by Iris' handsome brother Graham and Iris, with inspiration provided by legendary screenwriter Arthur, mends her heart when she meets film composer Miles.


Cinema 3

The Namesake (2006) Drama

Starring Kal Penn, Zuleikha Robinson, Irrfan Khan, Tabu and Jacinda Barrett. Directed by Mira Nair.

When the the Ganguli family moves from Calcutta to New York, they embark upon a lifelong balancing act to meld into a new world without forgetting the old. Though parents Ashoke and Ashima long for the family and culture that enveloped them in India, they take great pride in the opportunities their sacrifices have afforded their children. Paradoxically, their son Gogol is torn between finding his own unique identity without losing his heritage. Even Gogol's name represents the family's journey into the unknown.


Cinema 4

The Heart of the Game (2005) Documentary / Sport

Starring Alex Jessup, Maude Lepley, Bill Resler and Joyce Walker. Director Ward Serrill.

The heart of the game captures the passion and energy of a Seattle high school girls' basketball team, the eccentricity of their unorthodox coach, and the incredible true story of one player's fight to play the game she loves.


Cinema 5

The Hitcher (2007) Action / Horror / Thriller

Starring Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Zachary Knighton, Kyle Davis and Neal McDonough. Directed by Dave Meyers.

Grace Andrews and Jim Halsey are a collegiate couple who are tormented by the mysterious hitchhiker John Ryder, a.k.a. The Hitcher. The young couple hit the road in a 1970 Oldsmobile 442, en route to spring break. But their pleasure trip soon turns into a waking nightmare. The initial encounters with Ryder are increasingly off-putting for Grace and Jim, and they bravely fight back when he ambushes them. But they are truly blindsided when he implicates them in a horrific slaying and continues to shadow them. The open road becomes a suspenseful, action-packed battleground of blood and metal as, in trying to elude not only Ryder but also New Mexico State Police Lieutenant Esteridge's officers, Grace and Jim must fight for their lives and face their fears head-on.


Cinema 6

Breaking and Entering (2006) Drama / Romance / Thriller

Starring Jude Law, Vera Farmiga, Juliette Binoche, Martin Freeman and Ray Winstone.
Directed by Anthony Minghella.

Will is a partner in a thriving landscape architecture firm which he runs with his friend, Sandy. Professionally, things could not be better but Will spends less and less time at home with his beautiful, melancholy partner, Liv, and her troubled 13 year-old daughter, Bea. Willís office has recently relocated to Kingís Cross, the centre of Europeís most ambitious urban regeneration site and their state-of-the-art studio repeatedly attracts the attention of a local gang of thieves. After one of the break-ins, Will follows teenaged parkour enthusiast Miro back to the apartment he shares with his mother, Amira, a Bosnian refugee. With his relationship already in crisis, Will embarks on a passionate journey into both the wilder side of himself and the city in which he lives.