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Gentleman's Agreement
(1947) Gregory Peck is Philip Schuyler Green, a magazine writer who, posing as a Jew, encounters the bitter prejudice of the times.Peck is the journalist who poses as a Jew to write a series of magazine articles on anti-Semitism, only to find more prejudice running through all parts of society than he had bargained for. The ensuing melodrama, which draws Peck's family into repercussions resulting from his charade, is often overstated and while this multi-Oscar-winning film was controversial at the time of its release, it now seems overly preachy. A sometimes crude script drives its points home, the cast is excellent and it is interesting at least in as far as it illustrates Hollywood's immediate reaction to the end of the Second World War.

The One That Got Away
(1957) The exploits of German flier Franz Von Werra who was the only prisoner-of-war captured in World War II Britain to escape and get back to Germany.British-made POW escape caper with a difference. Hardy Kruger stars as a real-life German flying ace making his break for freedom from a succession of Allied camps
It's a credit to the might of the propaganda machine operating throughout and beyond the Second World War that many of us are still only vaguely aware that the Allies had their own POW camps. Perhaps the authorities missed a trick, because while our boys were burrowing to freedom like rabbits from the Nazi jails, Jerry was having no such luck. In fact only one German prisoner ever escaped from an Allied camp to return to the Fatherland. His name was Oberleutnant Franz Von Werra, and The One That Got Away is his story.

Lady From Louisiana
(1941) John Wayne stars in Bernard Vorhaus' film as attorney John Reynolds whose sent to investigate the Louisiana lottery.Big budget action drama sends lawyer John Wayne to clear up corruption in New Orleans before the levee breaks. Also starring Ona Munson and Ray Middleton
John Wayne swaps his trademark chaps and Stetson for a cream suit and jauntily angled chapeau in this lusty legal drama set in 1880s New Orleans. Made by Republic Pictures in 1941, it was the studio's most expensive film to date and it needed to be. Since his breakthrough performance as The Ringo Kid in John Ford's Stagecoach (1939), The Duke's presence - both in Hollywood and on screen - had been building exponentially. In Lady From Louisiana, he's as big and charismatic as director Bernard Vorhaus's lavish vision of the 'Big Easy' itself.

Love Story
(1970) Ryan O'Neal plays Oliver Bartlett IV and Ali MacGraw Jennifer Cavalleri, two Harvard students who fall in love, one of whom is terminally ill.A law student falls in love with a music scholar, much to the chagrin of his wealthy father. Then it all goes morbid
Love Story It stars a leading lady who isn't really an actress, and a leading man with a limited range. Arrogantly called Love Story, the film suggests itself as the definitive account of amour, but Arthur Hiller's romantic drama has many strikes against it. Even a beefy turn from Welsh legend Ray Milland, and the screen debut of one Tommy Lee Jones isn't enough to save it.

Rush Hour 2
(2001) Detective duo Lee and Carter have their Hong Kong holiday ruined when they run into Triad big cheese Ricky Tan.Detective duo Lee and Carter have their Hong Kong holiday ruined when they run into Triad big cheese Ricky Tan in this follow-up to the film that made Jackie Chan a Hollywood star
Rush Hour 2 Before he teamed up with Owen Wilson for Shanghai Noon, Jackie Chan's assault on the US had been as successful as a Stephen Hawking-led ascent of Everest. Rumble In The Bronx, First Strike and Mr. Nice Guy, while not without their merits, were a poor imitation of Hong Kong classics like Police Story and Armour Of God. Of course, purists didn't have too many kind things to say about his Western movies, but at least they played to his strengths as both a comedian and a kick-ass king of action cinema.

Fever Pitch
(1997) Colin Firth stars as Paul, a man besotted by one woman and eleven men in David Evans' film of Nick Hornby's award winning 'autobiography'.A romantic comedy about a man, a woman and Arsenal Football Club
Nick Hornby's autobiographical novel about a dedicated Arsenal fan following the Gunners' 1988/89 title challenge was as instrumental in the middle-classes hi-jacking football grounds as the Taylor Report. This adaptation for the screen confirmed the social change by casting Colin Firth in the central role.

Tell Me Something
(1999) A timid female museum worker may hold the key to unravelling a series of murders in this dark and gruesome serial killer thriller from South Korea.A timid female museum worker may hold the key to unravelling a series of murders. A dark and gruesome serial killer thriller from South Korea
David Fincher has a lot to answer for. In the years since he directed Seven (1995), his dark, moody and rain-spattered take on the serial killer genre has become the definitive text, and this South Korean thriller is happy to borrow most of his visual style. It also cranks up the gore level several notches, relishing the prospect of putting audiences through a handful of truly stomach-churning sequences. These revolve around the grisly discovery of seven black plastic bags dumped on the streets of Seoul, each one containing a hacked-up male corpse with one vital body part missing.