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Thread: Downgrade STARSAT SR-X5D USB

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    Downgrade STARSAT SR-X5D USB

    Dear All,

    I have a Starsat SR-X5D USB. After upgrade to latest firmware version TPS channels are open, however it seems I'm locked on Hotbird and can't see any channel on any other sat (Astra, Nilesat, etc) even FTA.

    I believe the latest firmware caused this and would like to downgrade the firmware/flash to factory version. Does anybody know where I can find that, or at least how to disable TPS auto update feature?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Downgrade STARSAT SR-X5D USB

    Hi M8
    Go to Main Menu , then enter "2580" in order to turn off Emulator (key updater) program.
    When Emulator is off , there will be no key page if you enter "0" on a scrambled channel,instead a graphical demogram appears.
    You can turn it on again in the same way.
    Hope this solve your problem.

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