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The Four Feathers
(1939) Alexander Korda's spectacular production of A E W Mason's action-adventure novel, starring John Clements.Fourth cinema adaptation of AEW Mason's popular novel set at the height of the British Empire. An early Technicolor celebration of the British stiff-upper lip and the North African landscape
After watching The Four Feathers it's no surprise to learn that its Hungarian born producer, Zoltan Korda, was so ardent an anglophile that he once refused to make a film of the novel 'The Bridge On The River Kwai' on the grounds that it showed British officers collaborating with the enemy (regardless of the circumstances).

Catch That Kid
(2004) Maddy Phillips, a youngster with a contented life stages a bank raid with computer geek Austin and mechanic Gus.When a teenager's dad needs $250,000 for surgery, she convinces her friends to help her rob a high-tech bank. Junior action-adventure starring Kristen Stewart
Considering the majority of heist movies are built around the conceit of old hands doing one last job, Catch That Kid at least breaks the mould. Here the bank robbers are mere teens, and they're not even motivated by a desire to retire to a tropical island.

The Hunters
(1958) Dick Powell's adventure drama is set during the Korean conflict. Commendably brisk, with the tough action mellowed by romance.Robert Wagner plays Maverick to Robert Mitchum's Iceman in this 1950s air-force action drama set in the swelter of the Korean War
If you're a plane spotter with military leanings, you're in for a treat. The fighter aircraft on show in The Hunter's brilliantly choreographed action sequences are liable to get you sweatier than a winter anorak on a spring day. For those who don't know their F-84Fs from their F-86s, the picture also sports a spicy little drama running beneath the dogfights to keep you hooked.

(2003) A group of archaeologists are sent back in time on a rescue mission to war-torn 14th century France.A group of archaeologists are sent on a rescue mission to war-torn 14th century France in this adventure devised by Michael Crichton
It's a schoolboy premise - what would you do if you found yourself stuck in another era? It's also the premise Michael Crichton used in his bestseller, which began its inevitable transformation to the big screen before it was even published in 2000. Crichton is no stranger to adolescent high concepts, of course. What would it be like if dinosaurs were alive today is another one of his.

John Q
(2002) Denzel Washington hijacks a hospital ER, demanding his son be saved even if he has to donate his own heart for him to live.Mediocre yarn in which desperate blue collar worker Denzel Washington holds an ER at gunpoint in an attempt to force the hospital to find a heart donor for his dying son
John Q In John Q. Denzel Washington tis salt of the earth Chicago factory worker John Quincy Archibald. Financially, things are grim for John (his work hours have been cut and his car has been repossessed) but his loving wife Denise (Elise) and extrovert 10 year old son Michael (Smith) keep things cheery - notably with the latter's enthusiastic body-builder impressions.

The Cell
(2000) A stunning, chilling tour-de-force. Starring Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn and Vincent D'Onofrio.Wantonly gruesome style-over-content serial killer thriller with Jennifer Lopez as a psychologist who, working with the FBI, enters the unconscious of the captured schizophrenic killer. Gruesomeness and psychic psychedelia
The Cell is Hollywood at its most meretricious. The debut feature of acclaimed pop video and commercials director Tarsem, it offers up an array of strikingly sadistic and repellent images in the guise of entertainment.

Those Glory, Glory Days
(1983) Low-key but likeable 1980s football comedy-drama that manages to transcend its subject matter.1980s footballing comedy-drama. In 1961 a group of teenage girls are passionately devoted to Tottenham Hotspur. Twenty years later one of them meets the team's wonder boy Danny Blanchflower, and recalls her youthful obsession
Made for TV in the early days of Channel 4 (David Puttnam serves as executive producer), this tale of female football fandom comes with an impressive pedigree. Directed by Philip Saville (fresh from 'The Boys From The Blackstuff') and co-scripted by venerable TV writer Jack Rosenthal, it explores the delights and frustrations of teenage obsession, and the shadow that obsession may cast on later life.