Hi Everyone, I have dragon cam 4.1 with predator 3.32 loaded and a legal irdeto v5 subscription card. When I go to the menu and check SmartCard, the cam recognizes my smartcard and and says Decoding OK. My problem though is I have no picture even when I keep the decoder on for 30 to 1 hour no joy; it keeps on telling me decoding ok but still no image. Recently, our Irdeto Satellite provider introduced smartcard & decoder marriage (pairing). I wonder whether that is why I'm having trouble getting picture even tough when I use my Irdeto Cam in my Technisat decoder (with the latest firmware from the manufacturer) I have picture, which goes off from time to time forcing me to reset the cam or restart the decoder. My question: is it possible to rectify the behavior of the predator so that I can get picture or is there a way to input the decoder serial number for Irdeto in Predator? In the debug menu there are only N*gra and ND* box key. PS: I should mention that only Predator 3.32 is decoding all other versions up to 3.65 do not decode with the provider's smart card. Thanks in advance for your help.