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The Brady Bunch Movie
(1995) Betty Thomas directs this comedy about one of America's favourite TV families of the 70s.Admirable parody of a 70s comedy about a large family
The Brady Bunch Movie Bereft of original ideas for movies in the mid-90s, Hollywood started mining the plots of successful TV series. Director Thomas wisely kept the Bradys firmly in the 70s (home, hair, fashion sense), but propelled them into the 90s, where they are a bunch of irrepressibly happy freakazoids, much loathed by their worldly wise, hard-drinking property developer neighbour, who wants to buy their home and sell it for a fortune.

Destination Gobi
(1953) Richard Widmark is a US Navy Chief Petty Officer seconded to 'nanny' a group of Navy meteorologists observing weather in the desert.Richard Widmark leads a gaggle of stranded meteorologists through the treacherous Mongolian landscape in this unusual WWII adventure from director Robert Wise
Destination Gobi Few actors have done pissed off and sweaty as well as Richard Widmark. In Destination Gobi he gets to do both in spades.

Red River
(1948) John Wayne stars as Tom Dunson, owner of a vast Texan cattle empire.A cattle baron and his adopted son try to drive their livestock from north from Texas to the Missouri railhead. Western drama starring John Wayne and Montgormery Clift
Red River This Hawks directed film teams 'Duke' Wayne with Montgomery Clift (excellent in his movie debut). They are the father and foster-son who, while on a make-or-break cattle drive, begin to question their relationship with each other as the former's work methods become steadily more tyrannical.

Doctor in Clover
(1966) The penultimate film in the Doctor... series sees Gaston Grimsdyke embark on a medical school course run by Sir Lancelot Spratt.Leslie Philips stars in the sixth in the popular British hospital comedy series. A new doctor, a new matron, a power struggle, love, lust and televised surgery
The first 'Doctor' film, 1954's Doctor In The House, was the biggest grosser of the year and helped make a household name of Dirk Bogarde, who played the suave charmer Simon Sparrow. Bogarde reprised the role three more times for sequels, in 1957, 1958 and 1963, though he avoided 1960's Doctor In Love, which instead starred Leslie Philips and Michael Craig as Drs Burke and Hare. Philips takes the lead for this sixth instalment, this time round playing one Dr Gaston Grimsdyke.

Judge Dredd
(1995) Sly Stallone is The Law in the dystopian Megacity in this screen adaptation of the popular 1970s comic book.The popular, long-running British comic strip character gets the Hollywood treatment to disappointing effect in this good-looking but flawed action movie
This attempt to bring the British comic-book character (who had his origins in the late 70s and is still going strong in '2000AD') to the big screen was a disappointment.

Cruel Intentions
(1999) Sebastian Valmont can have any girl at school - except Annette Hargrove, a paragon of virtue, and Katherine, his step-sister...Debauched rich step-siblings Kathryn and Sebastian agree to a summer wager. If Sebastian can deflower the headmaster's daughter he can bed the one conquest that eludes him, his stepsister. If he fails, she gets his car
Ruthless rich kid Sebastian Valmont (Phillippe) has one mission in life - to seduce and then abandon every girl in his school. While Sebastian imagines himself to be the ultimate Don Juan his step sister (Geller) gets her kicks from plotting the downfall of rivals and exacting revenge upon anyone who betrays her.

The Last Mitterand
(2005) A dramatisation of the French president Francois Mitterrand's final years in office and his struggle with cancer.A dramatisation of the French president François Mitterrand's final years in office and his struggle with cancer
The Last Mitterrand At first glance it might seem that a film about the late president Mitterrand won't have much to offer anyone without an interest in late 20th century French politics. However, while it does provide an interesting take on the life, times and legacy of this most mercurial of men, there's much more to The Last Mitterrand (aka Le Promeneur Du Champ Du Mars).