Ramos hails 'special' trophy

Tottenham boss Juande Ramos admitted their Carling Cup final victory was 'special'.

The Spaniard claimed his fifth trophy in less than two years but the former Sevilla coach was still delighted with his first major triumph as Spurs manager.

"It's always a tremendous satisfaction to win a trophy but I would say this one has a special flavour to it because it was against a team who are supposedly superior to us," said the Spaniard.

"It's like when I was at Sevilla and we won against Barcelona or Real Madrid, it adds a special flavour.

"It's a great satisfaction to win a trophy especially for a club and the fans who haven't had success for such a long time.

"For a club as big as Tottenham a long time seems even longer, so it is tremendous.

"Success always comes for everybody - for the players first as they are the ones who carry out the work we do.

"It is not a personal battle [between coaches] - it was simply that Spurs were the better team on the day."

Pressure off

Ramos admitted that the fact the club have secured a Uefa Cup spot, eases the pressure on them to win in Europe.

"Qualifying for Europe next season makes everything calmer now because it removes a huge pressure on the team," he said.

"We are all calmer now that we have qualified for Europe again, which takes some pressure off the club. This has been a unique experience and one we hope to repeat.

"For the moment we will enjoy the victory. Next week we are back in the Premier League and we have to concentrate on that, we are also still in the Uefa Cup.

"The team has been improving in terms of the security and confidence they feel. Today has reaffirmed that.

"The players have shown they can concentrate to be serious enough to fight with the best of them.

"They key is not making mistakes and they showed they could concentrate on that."