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    Question X211 Questions

    I have just bought an X211 with USB (S/W Ver 00.41A-0 Nov082007) and I need help to patch it with softcam. I think Iíve read most of the Vantage info available and I also have a null modem cable, memory stick and WinUp 2.5, Channel and Key Editors. However I still have some questions.

    Do I first need to patch the receiver by loading some initial softcam software before loading key updates? If yes, how do I do this?

    Is there a Vantage secret menu to view keys and update by remote control?

    What is the F2 key on the remote control for?

    Thank you in anticipation.

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    No one came to my rescue but now I have answered my own questions!!
    I am still puzzled by F2 key.

    No one to thank.

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    Re: X211 Questions

    WinUp 2.6
    X200 Vantage_00530051AOA.rar

    What is the F2 key on the remote control for?
    F1 key rest

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