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Thread: MT & emunation help

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    Unhappy MT & emunation help

    Running MT 3.38 and the latest emunation. Previews are OK but with all else I get no video or audio. on the HD cahnnels, the time shift buffer line increases but never get video/Audio.
    have loaded: PowerDVD 5 and WinDVD
    Any suggestions??

    P4 3.2 ghz
    2g ram dual channel
    ATI Video 128meg
    300g HD
    Panda AV


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    Question Re: MT & emunation help

    Could realy use a little help here.
    I have been searching the posts for over a week and tried every solution that has been even close.
    I now have Audio after adding the Nvidia Decoders but still no Video.

    When I try to record and play back the recording, I get Can not play the file, the format is not supported.
    Could this possibly be a CSA issue sense the Nove does not have the CSA chip?
    I did read somewhere that most DVB Software have it builtin but increases your CPU utilization.
    I am just grasping at straws here, I realy don't have a clue.


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