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South Of St Louis
(1949) Chased off their ranch by marauding guerrillas, Joel McCrea, Zachary Scott and Douglas Kennedy head south for a new life.The fortunes of three ranch partners are forever altered by the American Civil War. Western drama starring Joel McCrea, and directed by Ray Enright
Whenever the history of the Hollywood western is trotted out, Ray Enright's name is rarely mentioned. Not as majestic as Ford, not as ground-breaking as Leone or Peckinpah, former editor Enright belongs to that second or third tier of filmmakers who, while never making classics, churned out any number of perfectly serviceable pictures. South Of St Louis is a decent example of his work - a standard western story enlivened by Enright's efficient approach to direction and impressive way with tough guy actors.

War Of The Wildcats
(1943) John Wayne heads the cast as oilman Dan Somers, whose feud with Hunk Gardner isn't helped by their love for the same woman, Catherine Allen.A cowhand and an oil magnate duke it out in this western drama starring John Wayne
"I don't hate John Wayne because he's a fascist," Orson Welles once remarked. "I hate him because he talks like a baby." The Duke is on fine rusk-munching form in War Of The Wildcats, a western so bland, not even Wayne's hefty presence can elevate it above mere adequacy.

The Way West
(1967) A group of pioneers make their way across the Oregon trail, led by a retired senator. Also starring Robert Mitchum and Richard Wildmark.An ambitious senator leads a band of settlers across the burgeoning United States in this western drama starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and Richard Widmark
In 1947, Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum co-starred in one of the great film noirs, the Jacques Tourneur-directed Out Of The Past, aka Build My Gallows High. Twenty years later, the two celebrated toughs would re-team for The Way West. In the intervening period, Douglas enjoyed tremendous success as both an actor and producer - amongst many other things, he bankrolled and played the title role in Spartacus. Mitchum, by contrast, had appeared in lots of unremarkable movies, fought a thousand brawls, bedded a hundred starlets and served time for marijuana possession.

Home Alone 3
(1997) Raja Gosnell directs this third film is the successful comedy series, written by John Hughes, who directed the first two.A pre-teen fends off thieves in this, the third film in the John Hughes-fashioned franchise
It bares all the marking of a straight-to-video cash-in but Home Alone 3's a bona fide cinematic offering, presumably made to prove that John Hughes's baby could survive the departure of original lead Macaulay Culkin.

(2003) An ancient blood feud between vampires and werewolves is the backdrop to Len Wiseman's stylish, Gothic horror - starring Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen.An ancient blood feud between vampires and werewolves is the backdrop to this horror action movie
For centuries, the ancient races of vampires and werewolves have been fighting fang-to-fang in a desperate battle for dominance. Beautiful vampire warrior Selene (Beckinsale) is one of the aristocratic vampire clan's most fearsome foot soldiers. But, after falling in love with a human doctor (Speedman) who's been bitten by a rampaging "Lycan", she questions her commitment to the war and her faith in vampire elder Viktor (Nighy).

(2000) A passionate and tragic love story set during The Beatles' fabled stint in Hamburg's strip joints. Starring Stephen Dorff, Cheryl Lee and Ian Hart.A Beatles biopic capturing the band as they hone their skills in seedy 1960s Hamburg. Fame beckons, but the focus is on tragic fifth member Stuart Sutcliffe and his friendship with John Lennon
Backbeat Before they were the fab four, The Beatles were the almost-famous five, and though the band's first bassist Stuart Sutcliffe (Dorff) died of a brain haemorrhage in 1962, his James Dean style and rebel artist spirit were significant factors in the band's evolution. Here, director Softley (K-PAX) reconstructs the group's Reeperbahn period and not only is the result a great-looking (and sounding) rock 'n' roll film, it's also an intriguing examination of the strange attraction that bound John Lennon (Hart) and Sutcliffe.

(2000) Spike Lee's satire on network television sees a black executive sell his soul for success, as he reworks 'The Black And White Minstrel Show'.Spike Lee's subtle-as-a-brick satire on network television sees a black executive sell his soul for success, as he reworks 'The Black And White Minstrel Show' for the new millennium - using black performers
Bamboozled Taking its cue from big-business satires like Network and Putney Swope, Spike Lee's Bamboozled - next to Do The Right Thing - could've been his most effective race-relations film yet. But by the time you emerge dazed from this protracted soapbox effort, long after it should've ended, you feel Lee and co have battered you senseless with their heavy-handed methods.