Massa - Tough to call

Brazilian not making any predictions after testing ends

Last updated: 28th February 2008

Formula 1 2008 Season

Massa: Quickest in testing Felipe Massa is refusing to make any predictions for the Australian GP, saying the gap between Ferrari and McLaren is too close to call.
Ferrari and McLaren have been trading fastest laps for fastest laps in testing, but while McLaren appear to have the advantage over one lap, it's Ferrari who surge ahead over long distance runs.

As a result Massa believes it's too close between the two teams to predict just who will come out on top at the season-opening race in Australia.
"Predictions for Melbourne? I prefer to talk there, after the race. Before the race is not the right time, in my opinion," Massa said.

"What I can say is that I've finished my work of winter testing. I have 50 laps just to finish the engine. I've done two race simulations in five days, so I'm satisfied of what I've found and the way we've worked.

"Certainly there still are aspects to work on to improve the car, however we've done everything we were supposed to, and I hope to have something good after the Melbourne race."

The Brazilian does however believe that McLaren will be Ferrari's main rival in this year's championship.

"McLaren are always a strong team and can always be competitive," he said. "So we must look out for any team, but certainly McLaren are maybe the one with the most potential over the rest."