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Brewster's Millions
(1985) Richard Pryor stars as Montgomery Brewster, a low-league baseball player who suddenly finds out that a distant relative has left him $300m.A low-rent remake of an oft-told tale (previously filmed six times in one form or another), with Pryor as the minor league baseball player who stands to inherit $300 million from a rich relative on the condition he can blow $30 million in 30 days. The catch; he's not allowed to tell anyone the real reason for his mega spending spree. It's a great idea but you can't help thinking it's worn thin as a result of being put before the cameras so often; Pryor looks uncomfortable in the string of tired set-pieces which ensue, leaving Candy, in the best friend role, to provide the necessary spark.

Seance on a Wet Afternoon
(1964) Myra Savage is a fake clairvoyant who, with her weak-willed husband, kidnaps the child of a rich financier.British 1960s drama about a psychic who concocts a plan to kidnap a child with the intention of achieving fame. Kim Stanley stars with Richard Attenborough as her meek husband
Seance On A Wet Afternoon Attenborough is always at his best when playing a pop-eyed sleazebag; his acting has a lightness and enthusiasm that belies the flatulent overproduction of his directorial work. This is one of his best.

Dark Command
(1940) After his outstanding performance in John Ford's Stagecoach, John Wayne paired up with the other great director of westerns, Raoul Walsh.This action packed Civil War western pits badge-wearing John Wayne against ruthless gang leader Walter Pidgeon with Claire Trevor as the prize. Produced and directed by Raoul Walsh
It's 1860 and in the bustling town of Lawrence, Kansas, schoolmaster Will Cantrell (Pidgeon) is plotting his rise to power. "I'll be running Kansas yet," he tells his mother. "I'm going clear up to the top, but I'm not going for the climb or the view." The trouble is, there are really only two ways for Cantrell to legally attain the influence he craves. The first is to get elected as the town's marshal, and that post's just gone to honest cowpoke Bob Seton (Wayne).

Home Alone 3
(1997) Raja Gosnell directs this third film is the successful comedy series, written by John Hughes, who directed the first two.A pre-teen fends off thieves in this, the third film in the John Hughes-fashioned franchise
It bares all the marking of a straight-to-video cash-in but Home Alone 3's a bona fide cinematic offering, presumably made to prove that John Hughes's baby could survive the departure of original lead Macaulay Culkin.

The Notebook
(2004) Allie is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, but her husband insists on reading to her from a notebook, a record of how they met and married.Two young lovers are separated by the Second World War. Weepy romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, and directed by Nick Cassavetes
It's a wonder that the producers of old-fashioned weepie The Notebook didn't seek corporate sponsorship from Kleenex. A love story whose only aim seems to be to make the audience open their tear-ducts as often as their hearts, it's the kind of true-love-beset-by-the-ravages-of-fortune tale that could have come straight out of a Mills & Boon paperback. In actual fact, it's based on a novel by American romance writer Nicholas Spark, whose previously adapted work includes Message In A Bottle and A Walk To Remember.

Repo Man
(1984) Alex Cox's debut feature is an offbeat fantasy satire of Reagan's America, which is now considered a cult classic.Offbeat fantasy cum satire of Reagan's America from the unique creative mind of Alex Cox. Stars Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton as car repossessors, getting into scrapes and entangled in conspiracies
Repo Man What is it with Alex Cox, cult director and film buff extraordinary? He looks as if he'd like to be up there with his idols Welles and Buñuel, but his movies remain closer to Jim Jarmusch and Roger Corman. Whatever the problem, the potential of his blackly satiric take on American culture has never been realised, and this chase through urban chaos remains his best movie.

(2000) Spike Lee's satire on network television sees a black executive sell his soul for success, as he reworks 'The Black And White Minstrel Show'.Spike Lee's subtle-as-a-brick satire on network television sees a black executive sell his soul for success, as he reworks 'The Black And White Minstrel Show' for the new millennium - using black performers
Bamboozled Taking its cue from big-business satires like Network and Putney Swope, Spike Lee's Bamboozled - next to Do The Right Thing - could've been his most effective race-relations film yet. But by the time you emerge dazed from this protracted soapbox effort, long after it should've ended, you feel Lee and co have battered you senseless with their heavy-handed methods.