Williams - McLaren wanted Rosberg

Thought of letting young German go was "never, ever entertained"

Formula 1 2008 Season

Rosberg: In demand

Sir Frank Williams has revealed McLaren made an offer of "majestic proportions" for the services of Nico Rosberg.

McLaren moved for Rosberg at the end of last year after releasing Fernando Alonso following what was a turbulent season for the Spaniard and the Woking team.

Engine partners Mercedes, who have a 40 percent stake in McLaren, were keen to recruit a German driver to further promote their brand, with Rosberg their number one target.

But Williams admits the offer did not even warrant consideration as he had no intention of releasing his star driver to a rival team, no matter how much money they were willing to offer.

"It was never, ever entertained," in
sisted Williams.

"We had an offer from you know who of majestic proportions, but it was never, ever discussed. It would be like giving away the crown jewels.

"It would be like saying we've gained a second per lap with the car, but then go and give away half a second with the driver."


In any case, Rosberg maintained that he was duty-bound to honour his Williams contract.

"I'm happy where I am. If the money is okay, and everybody is happy, then a contract still means something," stated the 22-year-old.

"I know Frank has never thought of letting me go, which is positive because it shows he is willing to get back to the front.

"It's not as if he needed the money. The financial situation is quite healthy within the team. So it makes me feel good to be wanted. It is nice to see."

Rosberg also believes the team are heading "in the right direction" following a strong winter in testing, although he is adamant they have no chance of finishing third in the constructors' championship this year.

"No. Definitely not," asserted Rosberg.

"It's going to be very close between the teams in the middle, and it could go either way.

"You could find yourself 12th on the grid, and then on the other hand you could be sixth or seventh.

"We will have to wait and see, but I think third is out of the question for us. We can't expect BMW to go backwards in such a big way.

"But I'm delighted with the progress we have made. The team has done a great job over the winter, although I still feel there is room for improvement."


And, while Williams has suggested that a podium finish is a possibility, Rosberg said he thought his boss was being a little too optimistic.

"I would be a bit more cautious," added Rosberg.

"To be on the podium we would have to rely on four cars breaking down, so why would he say that?

"Of course, it's an ambition to stand up there, but it's better not to speak about results when we depend on others.

"Even fourth or fifth is going to be difficult because of BMW. That's just the way it is."