Alonso - We will bounce back

Spaniard confident ahead of 2008 campaign

Formula 1 2008 Season

Alonso: Confident

Double world champion Fernando Alonso is convinced that Renault can revive their fortunes in the upcoming F1 season.

The Spanish driver says that the French constructor's torrid time last year has made the team more determined to achieve success this time out.

"Two years ago the team had more confidence in their ability after two consecutive titles," Alonso told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Now, each time something new is brought to the track, they cross fingers. It's the effect of a negative 2007."

Nonetheless, the 26-year-old explained that the Enstone team have turned it around before, and they are more than capable of doing so again.

"In 2004 we had problems and the following year we won the title," Alonso said.

"I'm convinced they can do it again, they know how to do that. It would have been riskier elsewhere for me."


Alonso said: "When I arrived at McLaren, they were struggling to get into the top ten.

"And in February, before going to Australia, they couldn't imagine we would have been so quick as to win the second race.

"Every time you pick a team you are gambling, because how can you know in November what will happen in the following season?

"Obviously I feel good here, but I'd like to win, to always have at my disposal a car one second faster than the others. I don't think I'd enjoy always finishing tenth."

Alonso also spoke of his frustration at how F1 has become a clone of GP2 and added that this makes it difficult for teams to improve in the course of the season.

"We are becoming a sort of GP2: same tyres, same engines," he said.

"We don't have the best technology anymore.

"If you have a car that doesn't go (quickly) in the winter, you have to put up with it for the whole season."