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The League of Gentlemen
(1960) Jack Hawkins stars as an embittered army officer who recruits a shady bunch of ex-servicemen to help him pull off a million pound bank robbery.Ex-soldiers use their expertise in a new career - as gentlemen bank robbers. A witty, cool comedy starring a young Richard Attenborough
The League Of Gentlemen The clue is in the title: gentlemen, would-be thieves who are no ordinary crooks but officers and either their equals or their lackeys. Lt Col Hyde is the mastermind and is decidedly narked by being forced out of the military. He recruits seven dodgy, equally dissatisfied colleagues to execute a bank robbery with military precision.

The Common Touch
(1941) Geoffrey Hibbert plays an 18-year-old with a social conscience who takes control of the family's business and clashes with a corrupt manager.Teen tycoon Geoffrey Hibbert comes to the aid of the homeless in this surprisingly entertaining WWII social drama from Love On The Dole director John Baxter
Concerns about the gap between Britain's haves and have-nots are nothing new. John Baxter's noble social drama, The Common Touch, proves that. Made in 1941 (the same vintage as Love On The Dole - the director's finest work), it highlights the plight of the nation's homeless, castigates the corruption and greed endemic in big business and dreams of a socialist utopia.

Carry on Doctor
(1968) Sid James is the rogue patient, smoking under the bed sheets and smuggling in whiskey and Jim Dale the handsome but accident-prone doctor.
No, what's wanted is the original low camp that the team concocted from Rothwell's delightfully dreadful puns and double entendres. Here - in the second of four hospital-set films (Nurse, Matron, Again Doctor) - they are joined by Howerd as Francis Bigger, who fears his death is imminent. The ostensible hero is Dr Kilmore (Dale), sacked for dalliance with nurses, but as always Williams as Dr Tinkle steals the show alongside Jacques as the matron, in an alliance that borders on the surreal. The plot is irrelevant, the subplots still more so. The jokes are appalling, the direction flat. But high spirits and familiar old friends confirm it as part of a British institution.

Local Hero
(1983) Bill Forsyth's gentle, heart-warming comedy stars Peter Riegert as a Texas oil company executive who's sent to Scotland to buy up an entire village.The finest of the whimsical Scottish films whose off-beat appeal kick-started the British film industry's revival in the mid 1980s
Local Hero Riegert plays a cynical, yuppy oil-firm executive waiting to be softened up by exposure to the warmth and eccentricities of a small Scottish community. He is dispatched to the coastal town by his greedy boss (Lancaster), with the aim of buying up land for commercial exploitation, so destroying an area that includes a stretch of environmentally sensitive coastland.

Withnail and I
(1987) The drink and drug-fuelled misadventures of two struggling actors during the last months of 1969. A true classic."We just ran out of wine. What are we gonna do about it?" Two unemployed actors go on holiday by mistake, in this classic British comedy
"Withnail And I touches a chord in people" says Ralph Brown, aka Danny the Dealer. "It makes people feel sad while making them laugh." It couldn't have been otherwise: for a so-called 'comedy', Withnail (and just about everybody connected with it) has been on the end of some of the unfunniest treatment imaginable.

Dog Altogether
Paddy Considine's short film stars Peter Mullan as Joseph, a man plagued by a self destructive rage.With his directorial debut, the short film Dog Altogether, having picked up a BAFTA, the star of Shane Meadows' Dead Man's Shoes makes the shocking revelation that he may give up acting

Dead Man's Shoes
(2004) Paddy Considine returns to find out what happened to his dim brother, who latched on to the local drugs cartel and became the butt of their cruelty.Shane Meadows returns with a dark tale of violence and retribution, starring Paddy Considine
Shane Meadows hinted at a darker side with his second feature A Room For Romeo Brass, but he gives full vent to the potentially violent impulses that lurk within all of us with this latest effort, a supremely efficient, brutal, stripped-down work of vigilante cinema.

Shane's World
(2000) Acclaimed director Shane Meadows introduces three of his early short films.

P'Tang Yang Kipperbang
(1982) 14 year old Alan has just three wishes - that there will be lasting peace, that England will win the Ashes and that he will finally kiss Ann...BAFTA-nominated Channel 4 co-production by the director of The World Is Not Enough. A 1950s-set classroom drama, it follows a young boy's attempts to curry favour with the school dish
One of British TV's most enduring talents, Jack Rosenthal's credits include adaptations of Kingsley Amis' 'Lucky Jim' and the first ever episode of 'Coronation Street'. Here he fashions an endearing coming-of-age comedy-drama that's quietly moving and full of quaint detail.