Giga Twin BLUE V103 CAID Editor **Beta Version**

1st Release Beta - Will only work on giga_twin_gblue_V103.gtb
If a newer version of giga_twin_gblue_V10x.gtb is released, this editor won't work with it.
So please only use it to edit giga_twin_gblue_V103.gtb
I don't own a Giga Cam so don't know too much about them.
A friend asked me if there was a CAID editor for this cam and I couldn't find one.
So I knocked this little editor up as a favour to him.
Click "Load"
Double click on the "giga_twin_gblue_V103.gtb" file
Change the CAID's you wish.
Click "Update CAIDs"
Click "Save"