Align Yourself With SBCA

SBCA has many valuable resources for the satellite retailer to tap. First, the education and certification programs, no matter if you are new to the satellite installation business or have been involved for 20 years, SBCA can help you add extra value to your business. Other training segments focusing on residential, MDU/SMATV or MFH2/MFH3 advanced signal distribution and will carry your business into the next decade. In addition the SBCA is developing online training and technical tips designed to provide continuous education to its members. Membership does have its privileges use your educational discounts to keep yourself and your staff trained to keep up with this ever changing industry. Also participation in The Buying Group will offer a cost savings to the operations side of your business. Membership to this organization is free for all SBCA member companies.

Additionally, the SBCA gives you access to a tremendous legal resource. How are zoning or low voltage regulations affecting your business? State by State certain restrictions are encroaching on the satellite TV retailer's business. Low voltage rulings in certain municipalities are requiring satellite retailers to obtain a low voltage license similar to the restrictions and stringent approval process put upon electrical contractors. The average retailer will find the cost of obtaining a license and keeping up with the renewal of that license oppressive. While many may contest this is a move for local municipalities to line their coffers, the SBCA continues to stand united in offering support to the local satellite retailer faced with these issues. Additionally dealers with a field force in place will no doubt see an amortized savings in operational expenses in the tens of thousands as long as these rulings are kept at bay. The SBCA also is the industry resource for addressing issues related to permits and restrictions that are covered under the OTARD statute. The SBCA works with its retail members to address every OTARD issue and ensure that your consumers know their rights when it comes to installing a satellite system. The SBCA is an untapped resource for satellite TV retailers nationwide faced with this impending legislation. The SBCA's legal resources are ready to support your fight on a local level, and that type of support is included in your SBCA retailer membership and would cost you thousands if you had to go it alone. Can you afford to pass that up at such a minimal cost of membership?

SBCA will have a presence at both the DIRECTV and DISH NETWORK upcoming retailer events in the spring. Plan on attending to find out more about how you can get more for your money as a member of the SBCA. Find out more today about the training schedule, additional membership benefits or licensing for your area check out Thank you and best of luck in your business this year.