Gallas issues Walcott warning

William Gallas has warned team-mate Theo Walcott he must improve his game if he wants to become a top star.

Arsenal skipper Gallas believes Walcott can be the new Wayne Rooney if he works on his game.

French ace Gallas says Walcott needs to become "less predictable and more focused" if he wants to fulfill his undoubted potential.

Walcott has struggled to establish himself at Arsenal since his big-money move move from Southampton and Gallas can see why.

"I think Theo Walcott can be the new Wayne Rooney but he has to change his style of play," the France defender told GQ magazine.

"He must work hard in training because everyone knows where he will run with the ball.

"He goes on his right foot - so he must work to come on the inside on his left foot.

"He must be less predictable and more focused. He can also take too long on the ball."

Asked if Walcott listens to his advice, Gallas replied: "I hope for him he does because he has great potential."

Gallas also hit out at the attitude of today's young players.

Gallas said: "One young player asked me about an expensive car he wanted and I said 'save your money, look after your family and then think about cars'.

"When I started playing, I saved my money to buy a nice house for my family. But now these young players all want a BMW or Ferrari when they are still only 17 or 18.

"They don't have to work as hard as I did. It might not be their fault but it is wrong."