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Very Important Person
(1961) Lively World War II comedy, starring James Robertson Justice as a bombastic scientist who ends up in a German POW camp.An eminent navy officer is caught behind enemy lines and does everything in his power to escape. Wartime farce starring James Robertson Justice and a clutch of British comedy legends
Few could play blustering pomposity as well as James Robertson Justice. Guaranteed a place in the British cinema Hall Of Fame courtesy of his recurring role as Sir Lancelot Spratt in the Doctor series, the burly character player also lent his bushy beard and booming voice to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, John Huston's Moby Dick and The Guns Of Navarone.

Carry On Behind
(1975) Professor Roland Crump and the enthusiastically pneumatic Professor Anna Vooshka are in charge of an archaeological dig.Late entry in the long-running British comedy series set on a caravan site and starring Elke Sommer and Kenneth Williams as archaeologists unearthing Roman remains and tired double entendre
It's clear the 'Carry On' series was running out of steam when poor Kenneth Williams' key gag involves stumbling into a cess pit. The franchise, which had started in 1958 with Carry On Sergeant, was near the end of its long run here, with only two more proper features (as well as one compilation and the 1992 series resurrection/folly Carry On Columbus) to follow Carry On Behind.

The Long Ships
(1963) Enjoyable all-action adventure starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier.A viking and a Moorish chieftan hunt for a giant golden bell.
The Long Ships In the 'so bad it's good' category of movies, this is pure rubbish, but thoroughly enjoyable rubbish.

The Land Girls
(1997) Catherine McCormack, Rachel Weisz and Anna Friel are the three volunteer Land Girls who all fall for farmer's son, Steven MacKintosh.Anna Friel, Rachel Weisz and Steven Mackintosh star in this WWII drama about life and love in the Women's Land Army
This war-time drama and FilmFour production sees three girls from diverse social strata relocated to a small farm to help out while the boys are off doing their soldierly duty. One lucky lad stays behind to find all three girls quite prepared to do their bit for the war effort by lying back and thinking of England.

Oliver Twist
(2005) Roman Polanski's film of Charles Dickens' classic novel stars Barney Clark, Ben Kingsley, Jamie Forman and Leanne Rowe.Charles Dickens' tale of a Victorian orphan adapted by Roman Polanski. Oliver Twist comes to London and gets involved with a gang of pickpockets controlled by the fence Fagin, played by Ben Kingsley
Roman Polanski described his sombre adaptation of Dickens' novel as "a film made for my own children", yet he hasn't shied away from the material's inherent darkness. The spectre of death, and specifically the hangman's noose, hovers over the characters. In the early scenes, Oliver is apprenticed to undertaker Mr Sowerberry, where he sleeps in a room full of coffins. It's clear from the boy's stint at the workhouse that this Twist will be much closer in spirit to David Lean's black-and-white 1948 version than to Carol Reed's musical rendition, 1968's Oliver!

Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
(1998) Four likely lads fall foul of a local gangster, and hit on a get-rich scheme to get them out of trouble. A brash, brutal Brit-flick.Cockney crime caper that sees four likely-lads running fowl of hit man Vinnie Jones. A brash, brutal Brit-flick, ripe with hip, slang-rich banter, super-stylised snap-focus trickery, and a deliriously twisted plot that literally leaves you hanging
Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels When it first came out, this was rapturously received by critics as a British gangster flick to rival Tarantino, although director Ritchie claimed it owed far more to The Long Good Friday. It's got the wit of Tarantino, but avoids his violent excesses and works more towards the miserablist sensibilities of a London soap opera.

(1999) Andy Hurst's enjoyable crime caper features a distinctly dark humour and plot twists to rival The Usual Suspects.Tarantino meets The Usual Suspects in this flashy but vacant thriller of a heist gone wrong, pieced together by highly questionable eye witness accounts. Skinner is the only survivor of a gang who attempted a spectacular bank robbery. She adds a particular spin to her testimony.