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Sea Wife
(1957) Offbeat melodrama starring Richard Burton, Joan Collins, Basil Sydney and Cy Grant drifting on a life raft in the Indian Ocean.Four very different folk find themselves on a lifeboat following the sinking of a British cargo ship. Flashback-heavy war-time drama starring Richard Burton and Joan Collins
From starring in 'Dynasty' to cameoing in 'Footballers Wives' and banging the drum for the UK Independence Party - the embarrassments of Joan Collins's later career have masked the fact that, back in the day, she was one of Britain's biggest actresses. Just two years before headlining Sea Wife, Jackie's elder sister was summoned to Hollywood by the illustrious Howard Hawks to star in Biblical epic Land Of The Pharaohs. Sure, The Bitch and Empire Of The Ants might have dulled her luster but there's a good reason why some people still talk about Collins with something approaching reverence.
81 minutes, UK (1957), U

Doctor in Clover
(1966) The penultimate film in the Doctor... series sees Gaston Grimsdyke embark on a medical school course run by Sir Lancelot Spratt.Leslie Philips stars in the sixth in the popular British hospital comedy series. A new doctor, a new matron, a power struggle, love, lust and televised surgery
The first 'Doctor' film, 1954's Doctor In The House, was the biggest grosser of the year and helped make a household name of Dirk Bogarde, who played the suave charmer Simon Sparrow. Bogarde reprised the role three more times for sequels, in 1957, 1958 and 1963, though he avoided 1960's Doctor In Love, which instead starred Leslie Philips and Michael Craig as Drs Burke and Hare. Philips takes the lead for this sixth instalment, this time round playing one Dr Gaston Grimsdyke.
97 minutes, UK (1966), PG

The Thirty-Nine Steps
(1959) Kenneth More stars in this, the second film adaptation of John Buchan's ripping espionage yarn.This second screen version of Buchan's classic spy adventure isn't a patch on Hitchcock's suspenseful 1935 classic. After being accused of murdering a female spy, Hannay (More) goes on the run in the Scottish highlands in the vain hope of tracking down the real villains, but, with the police closing in, time is definitely not on his side. In what is essentially a scene-by-scene remake, director Thomas keeps the action moving at a steady pace, making good use of some stunning location shots of Scotland and an exciting aerial manhunt.
93 minutes, United Kingdom (1959),

Chariots of Fire
(1981) Ripping good running yarn with a corking theme tune, some dashed fine acting and heart-warming nostalgia.Ripping good running yarn with a corking theme tune, some dashed fine acting and heart-warming nostalgia for just about the last time Britain won anything
A British classic that picked up four Oscars, including one for best script and the one for best picture.
123 minutes, UK (1981), U

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
(1998) Four likely lads fall foul of a local gangster, and hit on a get-rich scheme to get them out of trouble. A brash, brutal Brit-flick.Cockney crime caper that sees four likely-lads running fowl of hit man Vinnie Jones. A brash, brutal Brit-flick, ripe with hip, slang-rich banter, super-stylised snap-focus trickery, and a deliriously twisted plot that literally leaves you hanging
Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels When it first came out, this was rapturously received by critics as a British gangster flick to rival Tarantino, although director Ritchie claimed it owed far more to The Long Good Friday. It's got the wit of Tarantino, but avoids his violent excesses and works more towards the miserablist sensibilities of a London soap opera.
106 minutes, UK (1998), 18

Going Off Big Time
(2000) While holed up at his solicitor's house, a gangster reflects on his life of crime. Likable gangster caper.While holed up at his solicitor's house, a gangster reflects on his life of crime. Liverpudlian comedy scripted by leading man (and 'Phoenix Nights' writer) Neil Fitzmaurice, featuring Bernard Hill and Scouse stand-up Stan Boardman
One of the downsides of the box-office success of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels was that, for a long while, Britain seemed incapable of producing anything except second-rate gangster movies like Circus, Essex Boys, and Love, Honor & Obey. Thankfully, Going Off Big Time stands apart for a number of reasons. For one thing, it's set in a city with a bona fide reputation for crime (how the makers of Circus convinced the moneymen that Brighton was a viable setting for a gangster flick remains a mystery).
86 minutes, UK (2000), 18

P'Tang Yang Kipperbang
(1982) 14 year old Alan has just three wishes - that there will be lasting peace, that England will win the Ashes and that he will finally kiss Ann...BAFTA-nominated Channel 4 co-production by the director of The World Is Not Enough. A 1950s-set classroom drama, it follows a young boy's attempts to curry favour with the school dish
One of British TV's most enduring talents, Jack Rosenthal's credits include adaptations of Kingsley Amis' 'Lucky Jim' and the first ever episode of 'Coronation Street'. Here he fashions an endearing coming-of-age comedy-drama that's quietly moving and full of quaint detail.
85 minutes, UK (1982), PG