Current TV to introduce weekly news show

Current TV is to introduce its first scheduled weekly current affairs show this month.

The channel's linear service consists of shortform programmes made, submitted and selected for air by members of the public. It was set up by former US vice president Al Gore and focuses on news, current affairs and politics.

Vanguard, a collection of special films made by Current journalists, will be one of its only regularly scheduled items. It will air weekly at 9pm on Sundays from March 23.

Most reports are about overseas news though Current also now plans to hire a journalist in the UK.

"Armed with a small DV camera and a fearless desire to shine a light on untold stories, Vanguard journalists go virtually anywhere to explore global issues and themes with a personal, unvarnished approach," said the channel.

The reports will play through the week on Current TV and on the Current website as well as on the weekly show.

Vanguard vice president Laura Ling said it would "transport viewers into places and situations they never imagine, so that they can witness what's happening in our world and why". She said: "Vanguard will offer British viewers a new, uncompromising and unique view of the world."