Film Four & Film Four +1 06-03-08.

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The Man in Grey
(1943) Classic Gainsborough costume melodrama set in the 18th century, following the fortunes of two old school friends.Period bodice-ripper starring Margaret Lockwood and Phyllis Calvert, with James Mason in full-on cad mode as a sadistic 18th century nobleman
James Mason had been working hard in various supporting roles throughout the second half of the 1930s, but during World War II (when he was a conscientious object) he began to get lead roles. In 1942, he starred in what is considered to be the first of the Gainsborough melodramas - The Man In Grey. It made a star of Mason, who would reteam with leading lady Margaret Atwood for further Gainsborough melodramas, notably 1945's The Wicked Lady. After only a few more films he would cross the pond and become a major Hollywood star.
116 minutes, UK (1943), PG

Sailor of the King
(1953) Action drama starring Jeffrey Hunter as a Canadian serving in the WW2 Royal Navy who is taken prisoner by the German raider that sinks his ship.Action drama starring Jeffrey Hunter as a Canadian serving in the World Ward II Royal Navy who is taken prisoner by the German raider which sinks his ship. The ship then puts in for repairs and Hunter delays the ship's departure by escaping and sniping at the sailors working on the vessel.
95 minutes, United Kingdom (1953),

Seance on a Wet Afternoon
(1964) Myra Savage is a fake clairvoyant who, with her weak-willed husband, kidnaps the child of a rich financier.British 1960s drama about a psychic who concocts a plan to kidnap a child with the intention of achieving fame. Kim Stanley stars with Richard Attenborough as her meek husband
Seance On A Wet Afternoon Attenborough is always at his best when playing a pop-eyed sleazebag; his acting has a lightness and enthusiasm that belies the flatulent overproduction of his directorial work. This is one of his best.
121 minutes, UK (1964), 12A

A Matter of Life and Death
(1946) Powell and Pressburger romantic fantasy, starring David Niven as the airman who cheats death because of a clerical error on the part of an angel.Originally commissioned by the wartime Ministry of Information to bolster relations between Britain and the US, Powell's compassionate and technically superb film about a pilot who cheats death has come to be regarded as a masterpiece in its own right
a_matter_of_life_and_death One of Powell's and Pressburger's most elegant achievements, and Powell's own favourite from his time at the production company Archer's, this is part romance, part surrealist courtroom drama.
104 minutes, UK (1946), U

Vera Drake
(2004) Fifties wife and mother Imelda Staunton moonlights from her job as a cleaner by performing illegal abortions for young women.
Fifties wife and mother Imelda Staunton moonlights from her job as a cleaner by performing illegal abortions for young women. London-set drama from Mike Leigh
Mike Leigh has dealt with heavyweight issues throughout his career - bulimia in 1990's Life Is Sweet, homelessness in 1993's Naked, mental illness in 1997's Career Girls. In his tenth feature film, Vera Drake, Leigh bases his entire story around the ethical hot potato of abortion - but rather than put it in a contemporary setting, he winds the clock back to Britain in 1950 when it was an even more contentious issue.
125 minutes, UK (2004), 12A

Notting Hill
(1999) Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts star in Roger Michell's Bafta-winning and hugely popular comedy romance.A pleasing and innocuous romantic comedy that managed to become the most profitable British film ever
Notting Hill Roberts is the best-known film star in the world; Grant a bookshop owner in Notting Hill. He spills orange juice over her and a tempestuous romance starts up, played out in the pages of the press and punctuated by the flashes of paparazzi.
Scripted by Curtis (who was responsible for Four Weddings And A Funeral - a previous most successful British film ever), it's thoroughly competent at maintaining a feel-good atmosphere and gains the bulk of its laughs from self-deprecatory one-liners and the clowning of Grant's shabby flatmate (Ifans).
123 minutes, USA/UK (1999), 15

The Reckoning
(2003) Paul McGuigan's medieval murder mystery stars Paul Bettany as a young priest forced to flee his parish after enjoying another man's wife.Paul Bettany is the defrocked priest with a dark past in this medieval tale of murder most foul. From Paul McGuigan, director of Gangster No. 1
The grime, the grit, the grubbiness: medieval England proves an inhospitable location in this striking period drama from director Paul McGuigan (Gangster No. 1). Wandering through the sludge-filled sets and their murderous, sodomising citizenry is Nicholas (Bettany), a defrocked priest who uncovers a medieval murder-mystery and feels honour bound to expose the killer whatever the consequences.
110 minutes, UK/Spain (2004), 15