Three more years for Fergie

Sir Alex Ferguson has stated that he is likely to have just three more years as Manchester United boss.

Ferguson was due to quit in 2005, but he changed his mind and is now ready to carry on to 2011 - which would mark his 25-year anniversary in charge at Old Trafford.

"I'm getting beyond the future now. I still have a lot of passion. I'm still happy," he told the Daily Mirror.

"But I'm 66 now - maybe three years more, then I'll finish."


Ferguson did not want to get dragged into his potential successor with a number of his former charges including Mark Hughes, Gordon Strachan and Roy Keane all linked.

"I have a great assistant in Carlos Queiroz. He will come into the reckoning," he continued.

"But we have owners and a chief executive who will choose the new man in three years' time."

Fergie says that at the moment it is impossible to pick out who would be right man to take charge.

"The thing about football is we have some potential young managers but, because of the dangers, the hazards of management, they may not be there in three years' time," he said.

"The change in football is so much so quickly. If you're not successful in three games you could be away. All these young managers we've seen over the years are not there now."