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Carry On Doctor
(1968) Sid James is the rogue patient, smoking under the bed sheets and smuggling in whiskey and Jim Dale the handsome but accident-prone doctor.Affection for the Carry On series still burns brightly, even though the last two or three have been crass disasters and replacing iconic figures with latter-day telly stars has not worked. No, what's wanted is the original low camp that the team concocted from Rothwell's delightfully dreadful puns and double entendres. Here - in the second of four hospital-set films (Nurse, Matron, Again Doctor) - they are joined by Howerd as Francis Bigger, who fears his death is imminent. The ostensible hero is Dr Kilmore (Dale), sacked for dalliance with nurses, but as always Williams as Dr Tinkle steals the show alongside Jacques as the matron, in an alliance that borders on the surreal. The plot is irrelevant, the subplots still more so. The jokes are appalling, the direction flat. But high spirits and familiar old friends confirm it as part of a British institution.
94 minutes, UK (1968), PG

Reach for the Sky
(1956) A classic British biopic, telling the true story of WWII fighter pilot ace Douglas Bader, played by Kenneth Moore.A British airman loses his legs but vows to fly again. War drama starring Kenneth More
Reach For The Sky Ask Mike Myers what his favourite film is and you might be surprised by his answer. A die-hard fan of British comedy in general and Peter Sellers in particular, you could be forgiven for thinking the Anglo-Canadian would plump for, say, an early Ealing offering or one of the Pink Panther pictures. But it's not the auld country's comedy the Austin Powers star craves but Reach For The Sky, the WWII biopic of Douglas Bader, the British airman who, in the immortal words of Derek Trotter, "didn't let a little thing like having no legs" stop him contesting the crucial chuckers of the Battle Of Britain.
123 minutes, Canada/UK (1956), U

Carry On Behind
(1975) Professor Roland Crump and the enthusiastically pneumatic Professor Anna Vooshka are in charge of an archaeological dig.Late entry in the long-running British comedy series set on a caravan site and starring Elke Sommer and Kenneth Williams as archaeologists unearthing Roman remains and tired double entendre
It's clear the 'Carry On' series was running out of steam when poor Kenneth Williams' key gag involves stumbling into a cess pit. The franchise, which had started in 1958 with Carry On Sergeant, was near the end of its long run here, with only two more proper features (as well as one compilation and the 1992 series resurrection/folly Carry On Columbus) to follow Carry On Behind.
87 minutes, UK (1975), PG

Black Narcissus
(1947) Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's Oscar-winning story of repressed desires and lust among a community of Anglican nuns in the Himalayas.Classic thriller from Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger set in a remote Himalayan convent. Stars Deborah Kerr
Black Narcissus Nuns get a pretty raw deal in the movies. In Ken Russell's The Devils, they're portrayed as hysterical harpies more profane than sacred. In The Magdalene Sisters, they're depicted as vicious old crones who violently abuse their charges. And in The Sound Of Music, they come across as annoyingly winsome women who believe the advance of National Socialism can be halted simply by singing about a few of your favourite things.
100 minutes, UK (1946), 15

Notting Hill
(1999) Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts star in Roger Michell's Bafta-winning and hugely popular comedy romance.A pleasing and innocuous romantic comedy that managed to become the most profitable British film ever
Notting Hill Roberts is the best-known film star in the world; Grant a bookshop owner in Notting Hill. He spills orange juice over her and a tempestuous romance starts up, played out in the pages of the press and punctuated by the flashes of paparazzi.
Scripted by Curtis (who was responsible for Four Weddings And A Funeral - a previous most successful British film ever), it's thoroughly competent at maintaining a feel-good atmosphere and gains the bulk of its laughs from self-deprecatory one-liners and the clowning of Grant's shabby flatmate (Ifans).
123 minutes, USA/UK (1999), 15

(1994) One of the most powerful British films of the 90s. Mike Leigh directs David Thewlis in an unrelenting, uncompromisingly cynical portrayal of self-loathing and alienation.
One of the most powerful British films of the 90s. Mike Leigh directs David Thewlis in an unrelenting, uncompromisingly cynical portrayal of self-loathing and alienation
Naked In this, Leigh's toughest, most uncompromising work for cinema, Thewlis turns in a stunningly uningratiating performance. He utterly immerses himself in the role of Johnny, an articulate, disenfranchised angry young man, who's escaped Manchester after a bit of rough outdoor sex turns into something a lot like rape.
131 minutes, UK (1993), 18

(1989) Young soldier Kevin Deakin, pronounced dead during the Falklands War, is given full military funeral honours.The story of a young Gaurdsman who goes missing, presumed dead, during the Falklands War. He resurfaces to be given a heroes welcome, but the weight of the truth proves too much for him.
96 minutes, United Kingdom (1989), 15