Blatter slams Taylor tackle

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has launched a stinging attack on Martin Taylor and revealed Fifa could impose a further ban on the player.

Blatter hasy described the tackle by Birmingham defender Taylor which left Arsenal striker Eduardo with a broken leg as an "attack" which has "nothing to do with football".

Blatter admitted new regulations will allow Fifa to review decisions such as the Football Association's mandatory three-match ban for Taylor, with a view to imposing their own more substantial punishments.

Taylor's challenge on Arsenal striker Eduardo last month - came in for especially outspoken criticism from Blatter, who revealed Fifa will ask the Football Association for its report on this specific incident so that they can consider whether further action can or should be taken.

"It is shocking when you see how this player was attacked. It is not football," he told Sky Sports News.

"Football is a contact game, but it is a game with rules.

"You have to have respect - and what we witnessed there has nothing to do with football.

"This is to destroy another player, and that is not the aim of our game."

"Our game is there for entertainment, for emotions and even a little bit of passion but not this way.

Blatter is adamant more stringent penalties are required for certain instances of foul play.

"Such players should not only be suspended for a certain time - they should be banned until they have realised they have done something absolutely wrong," added Blatter

"How can you imagine in any other profession - that a dentist would try to demolish a dentist, or a painter a painter? Whatever it is not possible.

"On the field of play as well, no this is a game please, this is an appeal to everybody to stop this."

"I think three matches I should have the report of the referee and match observers that okayed that.

"We will do it. Ask the league through the FA to give us the report on that and give it to our disciplinary committee to have a look on that and we will come back on that.

"We will have a look on that I was very much shocked by seeing that."

Eduardo's injury is expected to keep him out of football until the end of the year - but his fellow Arsenal forward Emmanuel Adebayor is prepared to accept that Taylor had no intention of inflicting such a serious injury.

"We have to forgive him," he said.

"Whatever happened, I cannot believe he had it in his mind to turn the ankle of another player.

"He did not do it on purpose," Adebayor told Sky Sports News.