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The Common Touch
(1941) Geoffrey Hibbert plays an 18-year-old with a social conscience who takes control of the family's business and clashes with a corrupt manager.Teen tycoon Geoffrey Hibbert comes to the aid of the homeless in this surprisingly entertaining WWII social drama from Love On The Dole director John Baxter
Concerns about the gap between Britain's haves and have-nots are nothing new. John Baxter's noble social drama, The Common Touch, proves that. Made in 1941 (the same vintage as Love On The Dole - the director's finest work), it highlights the plight of the nation's homeless, castigates the corruption and greed endemic in big business and dreams of a socialist utopia.

The League of Gentlemen
(1960) Jack Hawkins stars as an embittered army officer who recruits a shady bunch of ex-servicemen to help him pull off a million pound bank robbery.Ex-soldiers use their expertise in a new career - as gentlemen bank robbers. A witty, cool comedy starring a young Richard Attenborough
The League Of Gentlemen The clue is in the title: gentlemen, would-be thieves who are no ordinary crooks but officers and either their equals or their lackeys. Lt Col Hyde is the mastermind and is decidedly narked by being forced out of the military. He recruits seven dodgy, equally dissatisfied colleagues to execute a bank robbery with military precision.

The Spy in Black
(1939) Classic espionage thriller starring Conrad Veidt as a First World War German submarine commander-turned-spy who is sent to the Orkneys.This vivid romantic drama, set in 1917, was the first collaboration between Powell and Pressburger, who completely revised a screenplay to accommodate substantial pressure from Veidt, then contracted to Korda. Hobson's star status was confirmed by her role as the ambiguous spy Frau Tiel, who accompanies a German captain on his mission to destroy docked British warships in the Orkneys. The ingenious fictional story was echoed when shortly after the film's release, during the Second World War, a real attempt was made to do just that. The film rightly proved a major success, thanks to inspired casting, a mesmerizing atmosphere and irony in the central relationship.

The Battle of the River Plate
(1956) Quality war film directed, written and produced by acclaimed duo Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.Quality war film directed, written and produced by acclaimed duo Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Full of gung-ho action, but also sophisticated and even troubling

The Battle Of The River Plate Battle Of The River Plate, made only 17 years after the event, depicts one of the defining moments of the early, comparatively quiet stages of World War II. A German pocket battleship, the Graf Spee, was causing havoc amongst the British merchant navy shipping until hunted down by three inferior quality British ships. Seriously damaged in the action, the Graf Spee limped into the neutral Uruguayan harbour Montevideo, to the great excitement of the world's press. The ship's captain was faced with the choice of having the ship impounded under the rules of the Geneva convention or setting out to sea again to face what he thought (thanks to some wily propaganda) was now an ever increasing fleet of ships from the Royal Navy. He chose neither, deciding instead to sink his own battleship as soon as he left port.

Gosford Park
(2001) Robert Altman's Oscar-winning murder mystery set in a 1930s English country house.Masterful ensemble piece from Robert Altman Sundry British blue bloods, a Hollywood producer, and various servants gather at a country house to flirt, bitch and perform - until their host is murdered
Gosford Park Robert Altman likes his ensemble dramas. Although sometimes the ensemble overwhelms the dramaThankfully, with Gosford Park the grand old man of US cinema has married a tight script (from actor-turned-writer Julian Fellowes) with the bulk of Britain's acting community (plus a few Yanks) to great effect.

The Descent
(2005) Six women go on a caving expedition, but in the dark they realise they are not alone, and their companions aren't necessarily human...Six friends on a caving trip find themselves trapped underground - where they're not alone. Horror from Neil Marshall, writer-director of Dog Soldiers
The Descent Neil Marshall's 2002 debut feature film Dog Soldiers isolated a group of men in the back-country of Scotland where they fought for their lives against werewolves. His follow-up The Descent sticks to the same basic formula but inverts it somewhat -his protagonists are women, the setting is a cave system beneath the Appalachian mountains and the foes aren't werewolves - they're like a less civilised version of the orcs from The Lord Of The Rings.

Mischief Night
(2006) Mischief Night is Yorkshire's unique take on Halloween, held on November 4th, when minor acts of troublemaking are tolerated.Racial and sexual tensions simmer in this Leeds-set comedy from Penny Woolcock
For those of you who didn't know, Mischief Night is a Yorkshire tradition that coincides with the Autumnal celebrations of Halloween and Guy Fawkes' Night. On 4 November every year, chaos is sanctioned as kids run riot playing pranks, somewhat akin to trick-or-treating - but without the treat option. This annual event forms the backdrop of Penny Woolcock's film.