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Thread: Problem with NAGRA on SR-X1300D with latest firmware

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    Problem with NAGRA on SR-X1300D with latest firmware

    Hi Dear M8s
    I have installed the Boot+Firmware introduced HERE by roi-solitaire on my old
    " Starsat X1300D " and it successfully made this old and neglected machine open TPS package very fast,which was a great gift and good success for desparate owners of them.
    But it caused a problem for me.
    Before installing new firmware,I had the Boot S02A-2.98RB39.06 as well as official starsat firmware of 25-01-2007 installed on my STB and despite inability to open TPS,I used to open all POLSAT channels using manually entered active keys (key 00 to ID 86+87 , key 01 to ID 96+96) and it worked
    for me untill installation of the new firmware, after which it changed the STB
    into a " Bigsat DSR 5000 Slim " with boot 3.00-B41.05 but it was impossible to open POLSAT again.
    For me, POLSAT package (until it can be open and the keys are available) is more desirable than TPS, so I need someone help me to open POLSAT with this new firmware and if this firmware does not have such ability , please help me back to my old boot & firmware.
    All my efforts to install Official Starsat firmware of 25-01-2007 on the STB while it has Boot 41.05 were unsuccessful and even changing the boot witth available version of 39.02 caused no improvement and in seems it only needs its own previous Boot 39.06 .
    How can I do this?
    Where can I find Boot 39.06 ?
    What loader should I use to replace new Boot 41.05 with old 39.06 ?
    The hardware version is STS-MB.02A-L0

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unhappy No answer yet !!??

    more than 35 days without any answer or help, even after sending the question directly to our friend "roi-solitaire" via PM !!!!????

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