Film Four & Film Four +1 09-03-08.

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Bugsy Malone
(1976) Alan Parker's musical is set in the world of 30s gangsters - but with all the roles played by children.Jodie Foster and Scott Baio get pie-eyed in Alan Parker's 1976 underage gangster musical
Bugsy Malone Drive-by shootings, gang warfare, gun crime and lethal saturated fats - Alan Parker's kiddie gangster pastiche might have been tailor-made to exorcise the twenty-first century 'Daily Mail', yet when it was released in 1976 critics decided it was too cute for school. They knew nothing. Parker's feature debut, described by the director as the work of a madman, is an audacious parody of Prohibition-era pulp fiction that throws gravel in the face of bonnet-wearing 1970s British children's dramas like The Railway Children by refusing to accept it's a kids' film at all.
93 minutes, UK (1976), U

The Emperor's New Clothes
(2000) A quirky period drama, suggesting an alternate ending for one of history's most famous dictators.A quirky period drama, suggesting an alternate ending for one of history's most famous dictators. Ian Holm plays Napoleon Bonaparte, whose botched escape plan leads him into an unexpected new life
Director Alan Taylor's follow-up to 1995's bittersweet comic drama Palookaville inhabits a strange, occasionally awkward space between satirical comedy and period drama. Hijacking a central conceit that's been around since 'The Prince And The Pauper', the story asks what would have happened if, instead of dying in exile on the island of St Helens in 1821, defeated emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (Holm) escaped and attempted to regain the throne of France? And what if that attempt went spectacularly wrong?
107 minutes, UK/Italy/Germany (2004), PG

The Long Ships
(1963) Enjoyable all-action adventure starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier.
A viking and a Moorish chieftan hunt for a giant golden bell.
The Long Ships In the 'so bad it's good' category of movies, this is pure rubbish, but thoroughly enjoyable rubbish.
126 minutes, UK/Yugoslavia (1963), PG

The Thirty-Nine Steps
(1959) Kenneth More stars in this, the second film adaptation of John Buchan's ripping espionage yarn.This second screen version of Buchan's classic spy adventure isn't a patch on Hitchcock's suspenseful 1935 classic. After being accused of murdering a female spy, Hannay (More) goes on the run in the Scottish highlands in the vain hope of tracking down the real villains, but, with the police closing in, time is definitely not on his side. In what is essentially a scene-by-scene remake, director Thomas keeps the action moving at a steady pace, making good use of some stunning location shots of Scotland and an exciting aerial manhunt.
93 minutes, United Kingdom (1959),

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands
(2001) Rhys Ifans and Robert Carlyle are the love rivals going head-to-head over Shirley Henderson's shopkeeper.A sweet-natured contemporary love-triangle comedy that pays homage to the westerns of Sergio Leone. In Shane Meadows' third film, Rhys Ifans and Robert Carlyle go head-to-head over Shirley Henderson's shopkeeper
Only in a Shane Meadows film would a pair of Scots, a Scouser, a Cockney and a Welshman be found in the Wild West of Great Britain - otherwise known as the East Midlands, a land of bingo halls and shell suits. Considerably broader in its comic touch than Meadows' previous films, TwentyFourSeven and A Room For Romeo Brass, Once Upon A Time In The Midlands is undoubtedly a more overtly commercial vehicle, after his first and second features failed to find big audiences. Nevertheless, the film is still populated with the familiar working-class characters that we have come to associate with the director.
95 minutes, UK (2002), 15

The Full Monty
(1997) Peter Cattaneo and Simon Beaufoy's low-budget tale of unemployed Sheffield steelworkers putting on a striptease show.Gaz and his mates turn the bum steer of redundancy and recession into sure-fire crowd-pleasing entertainment in this classic Yorkshire comedy with a social conscience
Cheerful despite the harsh economic conditions, and proof that working class grit doesn't always have to equal misery, The Full Monty is an affectionate look at a group of lads out to make some cash - and an uplifting tribute to human spirit.
91 minutes, UK (1997), 15

Hotel Splendide
(1998) In a romantic and perversely comic fantasy, writer/director Terence Gross creates a surreal world of sex, seafood and bad plumbing.
In a romantic and perversely comic fantasy, Gross creates a surreal world of sex, seafood and bad plumbing
Set on a remote island off the coast, Hotel Splendide follows the Blanche family's attempts to maintain a crumbling, dilapidated hotel and health spa following the death of the family matriarch.
98 minutes, UK (2000), 15