Film Four & Film Four +1 10-03-08.

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Waterloo Road (PG)
1944 John Mills stars as a soldier who discovers his wife has betrayed him by having an affair, prompting him to head home and save his marriage. Wartime melodrama, with Joy Shelton, Alastair Sim and Stewart Granger as the good-looking love rival

Very Important Person (U)
1961 A stuck-up Allied scientist lands in a concentration camp during a reconnaissance mission over Germany. His bizarre attitude and a series of misunderstandings soon earn him the enmity of his fellow inmates, who suspect he's a spy but luckily a plucky British officer vows to launch a rescue effort. World War Two comedy, with James Robertson Justice, Stanley Baxter, Leslie Phillips and Eric Sykes

The Madness of King George (PG)
1995 Acclaimed drama, based on Alan Bennett's successful stage play The Madness of George III. Nigel Hawthorne won a well-deserved Bafta for his superb performance as the 18th-century monarch whose unbalanced behaviour almost cost him his power and position, with Helen Mirren as his loyal wife, Rupert Everett as the scheming prince of Wales and Amanda Donohoe as the subject of the king's desires. Brilliant, intelligent stuff

Oliver Twist (PG)
2005 Roman Polanski's adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic novel. Orphan Oliver flees his harsh upbringing in the workhouse and seeks his fortune in London. Instead, he falls in with Fagin (Ben Kingsley) and his gang of young thieves. His first efforts as a pickpocket lead to him being taken in by the wealthy Mr Brownlow an opportunity brutal crook Bill Sykes sets out to exploit. Starring Barney Clark and Jamie Foreman

The Full Monty (15)
1997 Blockbusting British comedy about a group of hard-up unemployed Yorkshiremen who try to make ends meet by becoming strippers, proving beyond doubt that there still is steel in Sheffield. Robert Carlyle stars as the leader of the unlikely dance troupe, while Mark Addy, Tom Wilkinson, Hugo Speer and Paul Barber are among those mastering the subtle art of stripping in time to the music and shaking their funky stuff not to mention giving their self-esteem a boost into the bargain

The Football Factory (18)
2004 Powerful and brutal documentary-style drama following a soccer fan immersed in a violent counter-culture, who begins questioning his actions when he's plagued by nightmares. Danny Dyer, Frank Harper, Neil Maskell and Tamer Hassan star

Resurrected (15)
1989 Paul Greengrass' directorial debut stars David Thewlis as a soldier who goes missing during the Falklands War and is presumed dead. However, he later reappears, claiming to be suffering from amnesia. In an attempt to save themselves the embarrassment of explaining the situation, the British Army label the young man a deserter, leading to a tragic outcome. Powerful drama, with Tom Bell

The Warrior (12)
2000 Award-winning historical drama, starring Irfan Khan as a warrior who vows to give up his violent ways after a crisis of conscience. But his master is left fuming at this unexpected change of heart, and sends hired killers to exact a suitably bloody revenge. A trek through the Himalayas ensues, as the former champion sets out to find inner peace with his pursuers hot on his tail. With Puru Chhibber and Sheikh Annuddin