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Sailor of the King
(1953) Action drama starring Jeffrey Hunter as a Canadian serving in the WW2 Royal Navy who is taken prisoner by the German raider that sinks his ship.Second World War drama directed by Roy Boulting. Jeffrey Hunter stars as a Royal Navy crewman waging a one-man campaign against a damaged German warship
With his twin brother John, Roy Boulting began making feature films just prior to the Second World War. During the war, they worked on impressive feature length documentaries that chronicled major aspects of the Allied campaign - Desert Victory (1943), Tunisian Victory (1944, with Frank Capra) and Burma Victory (1945). They returned to fiction after the war, notably with 1947's Brighton Rock (in which John and Roy swapped producer and director roles), but 1953's Sailor Of The King was a return to the conflict, even though it was not based on reality. It instead drew on the novel 'Brown On Resolution' by Englishman CS Forester, writer of 'The African Queen' and creator of Horatio Hornblower.

Black Narcissus
(1947) Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's Oscar-winning story of repressed desires and lust among a community of Anglican nuns in the Himalayas.Classic thriller from Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger set in a remote Himalayan convent. Stars Deborah Kerr
Black Narcissus Nuns get a pretty raw deal in the movies. In Ken Russell's The Devils, they're portrayed as hysterical harpies more profane than sacred. In The Magdalene Sisters, they're depicted as vicious old crones who violently abuse their charges. And in The Sound Of Music, they come across as annoyingly winsome women who believe the advance of National Socialism can be halted simply by singing about a few of your favourite things.

A Matter of Life and Death
(1946) Powell and Pressburger romantic fantasy, starring David Niven as the airman who cheats death because of a clerical error on the part of an angel.Originally commissioned by the wartime Ministry of Information to bolster relations between Britain and the US, Powell's compassionate and technically superb film about a pilot who cheats death has come to be regarded as a masterpiece in its own right
a_matter_of_life_and_death One of Powell's and Pressburger's most elegant achievements, and Powell's own favourite from his time at the production company Archer's, this is part romance, part surrealist courtroom drama.

Doctor in Clover
(1966) The penultimate film in the Doctor... series sees Gaston Grimsdyke embark on a medical school course run by Sir Lancelot Spratt.Leslie Philips stars in the sixth in the popular British hospital comedy series. A new doctor, a new matron, a power struggle, love, lust and televised surgery
The first 'Doctor' film, 1954's Doctor In The House, was the biggest grosser of the year and helped make a household name of Dirk Bogarde, who played the suave charmer Simon Sparrow. Bogarde reprised the role three more times for sequels, in 1957, 1958 and 1963, though he avoided 1960's Doctor In Love, which instead starred Leslie Philips and Michael Craig as Drs Burke and Hare. Philips takes the lead for this sixth instalment, this time round playing one Dr Gaston Grimsdyke.

Vera Drake
(2004) Fifties wife and mother Imelda Staunton moonlights from her job as a cleaner by performing illegal abortions for young women.Fifties wife and mother Imelda Staunton moonlights from her job as a cleaner by performing illegal abortions for young women. London-set drama from Mike Leigh
Mike Leigh has dealt with heavyweight issues throughout his career - bulimia in 1990's Life Is Sweet, homelessness in 1993's Naked, mental illness in 1997's Career Girls. In his tenth feature film, Vera Drake, Leigh bases his entire story around the ethical hot potato of abortion - but rather than put it in a contemporary setting, he winds the clock back to Britain in 1950 when it was an even more contentious issue.

(2005) The writer-director of TV comedy 'The Book Group' makes her feature debut with this comedy set at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.The writer-director of TV comedy 'The Book Group' makes her feature debut with this black comedy set at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Festival With its busy, youthful vibe and eccentric characters, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a natural setting for an ensemble comedy. Festival, however, is overly ambitious with cast size, attempting to do justice to a total of 18 characters. Central to several overlapping tales is Sean Sullivan (Mangan), a womanising comedian who channels his jealously into cruelty and votes tactically rather than honestly when judging the comedy awards. A clash with fellow panellist Joan Gerard (Daniela Nardini) exposes his vanity although Joan's own story - which includes a flirtation with comedian Tommy O'Dwyer (O'Dowd) - feels unresolved.

My Name Is Joe
(1998) Peter Mullan plays a recovering alcoholic turned amateur soccer coach who falls for a health service worker, Louise Goodall.More gritty realism and gallows humour from director Ken Loach. A stirring social commentary and a moving drama
My Name Is Joe When recovering alcoholic and amateur football manager Joe (Mullan) falls for health worker Sarah, who should know better, they both suspect the romance may be a bad idea, but it blossoms nevertheless. However, the lovers have very different ideas about how to deal with the problems Glaswegian life throws at them, and when Joe is forced to do some drug running to pay off a debt, their tentative relationship is in danger of spluttering to a halt.