DIRECTV's Carey Talks About HD, Competition

DIRECTV's Chase Carey said the DBS service has created a "a real position of leadership" with its high-def platform, but he also acknowledged that competition could get tough given ongoing HD pushes by other video providers.

At Bear Stearns Media Conference Tuesday, Carey said "competitors will get stronger" with their continuing roll outs of high-def programming. But DIRECTV's dominant position with its HD platform gives the company a window to maintain its high-def leadership, he said.

As competitors grow their high-def services, Carey said DIRECTV will launch new local HD markets and increase sports content. "We will continue to add to our HD features," he said.

Carey described the company's growth as widely spread and "healthy across the board." However, he added that at times DIRECTV has targeted specific areas with its sales and customer enrollment efforts.

For example, DIRECTV took advantage of some of the cable system transitions in the Los Angeles market, Carey said. Time Warner Cable has dedicated a lot of company resources to turn around systems in Los Angeles it acquired during the Adelphia bankruptcy process.

Also, DIRECTV has "room to grow" in rural and MDU markets, Carey said.