Film Four & Film Four +1 12-03-08.

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The Spy in Black
(1939) Classic espionage thriller starring Conrad Veidt as a First World War German submarine commander-turned-spy who is sent to the Orkneys.This vivid romantic drama, set in 1917, was the first collaboration between Powell and Pressburger, who completely revised a screenplay to accommodate substantial pressure from Veidt, then contracted to Korda. Hobson's star status was confirmed by her role as the ambiguous spy Frau Tiel, who accompanies a German captain on his mission to destroy docked British warships in the Orkneys. The ingenious fictional story was echoed when shortly after the film's release, during the Second World War, a real attempt was made to do just that. The film rightly proved a major success, thanks to inspired casting, a mesmerizing atmosphere and irony in the central relationship.

Reach for the Sky
(1956) A classic British biopic, telling the true story of WWII fighter pilot ace Douglas Bader, played by Kenneth Moore.A British airman loses his legs but vows to fly again. War drama starring Kenneth More
Reach For The Sky Ask Mike Myers what his favourite film is and you might be surprised by his answer. A die-hard fan of British comedy in general and Peter Sellers in particular, you could be forgiven for thinking the Anglo-Canadian would plump for, say, an early Ealing offering or one of the Pink Panther pictures. But it's not the auld country's comedy the Austin Powers star craves but Reach For The Sky, the WWII biopic of Douglas Bader, the British airman who, in the immortal words of Derek Trotter, "didn't let a little thing like having no legs" stop him contesting the crucial chuckers of the Battle Of Britain.

Brief Encounter
(1946) Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard are two married people whose chance encounter in a railway station's cafe sees them tempted to adultery.David Lean breaks out the stiff upper lips for his restrained, yet emotionally charged, examination of forbidden passions in 1940s England
While most of Lean's work falls firmly into the epic category - both in subject matter and treatment - with Brief Encounter he eschews his trademark grand, sweeping statements in favour of taut melodrama.

The Riddle of the Sands
(1979) While out sailing in the North Sea, Arthur Davies has a run-in with a local German captain, Dollmann.Two British yachtsman uncover a secret German plot to invade the English east coast. First World War drama starring Michael York, Simon MacCorkindale and Jenny Agutter
Nothing suggests 1970s and 1980s cheese quite like the triumvirate of Michael York, Simon MacCorkindale and Jenny Agutter. Okay, so the Logan's Run co-stars did make the occasional decent film in amongst all the shlock - although Logan's Run itself isn't one of them. But the very mention of Mr Susan George conjures up images of disasters like Jaws 3D and The Quatermass Conclusion, not to mention shonky TV shows such as 'Falcon Crest' and the rightly maligned 'Manimal'.

(2004) Jonathan Glazer directs Nicole Kidman in this story about a New Yorker who believes her dead husband has been reincarnated in a child.Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) directs Nicole Kidman in this story about a New Yorker who believes her dead husband has been reincarnated in a child
Birth Compared to the sunny climes of Jonathan Glazer's 2000 feature debut, Sexy Beast, his sophomore film Birth sends a wintry chill down your spine.

Sexy Beast
(2000) The peace of ex-criminal Gary's retirement is shattered when former associate Don arrives to persuade him to do one last job.Ex-criminal Ray Winstone's idyllic retirement is disrupted when Ben Kingsley asks, nay demands, that he do one more job. Another Brit-gangster flick. No wait, come back!
Sexy Beast While there may come a time when Ray Winstone is known for playing bespectacled nuclear physicists rather than cockney criminals it has to be said that this is most definitely not it. Nor is the casting of Winstone the only predictable thing about Sexy Beast, being the tale of retired Costa Del Crime blagger Gary 'Gal' Dove (Winstone) tempted out of retirement for one last job.

Welcome to Sarajevo
(1996) A war correspondent promises refuge to a girl orphaned during the siege of Sarajevo.A war correspondent (based on ITN's Michael Nicholson) promises refuge to a girl orphaned during the siege of Sarajevo. This unashamedly political film is commendably free of sentiment and full of the shrill terror of life in the war torn town
Welcome To Sarajevo Based on the true story of journalist Michael Nicholson, who adopted a Bosnian child when covering the conflict there, this was the first Western movie to examine the war in the former Yugoslavia.