More growth for Spanish DTT

Spanish DTT penetration is rising constantly, say the latest national Impulsa numbers.

Spainís enthusiasm for DTT is on a ďon a constant riseĒ according to latest data from Impulsa TDT, the non-profit national association to promote DTT in Spain. Impulsa's latest monthly report says 29.2% of Spainís households already have DTT, a percentage helped by an extra 1.37m DTT receivers sold pre-Christmas. And what's more the region of Madrid topped 40% DTT penetration in January, and in doing so became Spain's top region in terms of digital penetration. By February the percentage of Madrid homes taking DTT had grown to 42.4%. The Canary Islands are next with 38.5%, followed by the Barcelona region with 33.9%, and Murcia with 29.9%.

As for the number of boxes and TV receivers sold this means a 48% increase on the Christmas 2006 campaign, with an extra 700,000 more units sold. Sales of external DTT set-top boxes grew by 12% compared to Christmas 2006. A total of 300,000 integrated iDTVs were sold in this period. By January 2008, some 8.8m digital TV receivers were sold in Spain since March 2003 of which some 4.6m were set-top box devices.

All through last year Spanish consumers were increasingly buying integrated digital TV sets, and digital purchases now exceed analogue. For example, during December 2006 and January 2007 some 553,000 analogue TV sets were sold compared to 281,000 digital TV sets. One year later and that pattern is reversed, with just 283,000 analogue sets sold and 589,000 digital sets sold. In total, last year saw almost two million analogue TVs were bought (1,976,000) and more than 2m digital sets sold (2,025,000).

The most popular digital channels are Mediaset's Telecinco with 16.2% share followed by Grupo Planeta's Antena 3 with 13.2% share and TVE's national No 1 network, La Primera with 11.2%.