Pace Electronics and NAS Team Up on New Product Launch

NAS (National Antenna Systems, Brooklyn, New York) and Pace Electronics, Rochester, Minnesota, announce a new solution for delivering high definition content to single and multi-family properties, with the introduction of a new chassis, the SWM-Expander (SWM-E2, and SWM-E4) which works within the DIRECTV MFH-2 single-wire distribution system. The SWM-E2, used with approved F-connectors allows an operator to power two single-wire multi-switch modules (SWM-8 modules) and the SWM-E4 allows an operator to power four SWM-8 modules. While not as robust as its counterpart, the FMC-6, which powers six SWM-8 modules, the SWM-Expander line costs less, and takes up less space, which makes it very useful for delivering HD content in single and smaller multi-family properties.

"We designed this product to meet demands from the our system operators, who needed a chassis that works particularly well in the single family and smaller multi-family properties, while being versatile enough for use in larger properties. Our goal with this product was to offer a solution that would save space, time and money. The SWM-Expanders do all of these things, and are very versatile in their application. We know that DIRECTV customers will ultimately benefit from this product," said Abram Novak, President and CEO of NAS.

Pace Electronics is working with NAS on the product rollout, and along with it developing training opportunities through the SBCA that educates installers and operators on best practices for deploying the DIRECTV high definition content in a property. Pace will be offering MFH-2 training at the NAS facility in early June, dates to be announced. Visit for a complete schedule.

"Our partnership with NAS has been great, and the introduction of this product is proof that Mr. Novak and his team continue to develop innovative single-wire solutions with operators and the DIRECTV® customer experience in mind. In addition to the multi-family properties, this product opens up new opportunity in singe family homes that need multiple DIRECTV sources throughout, and can be delivered via a single wire solution," noted Opie Williams, Vice President of Sales for Pace Electronics.