DIRECTV VOD, Tonight's SES Launch

The Wall Street Journal reported that DIRECTV is preparing a video-on-demand platform that could launch in the second quarter. With the technology, DIRECTV will transmit a limited number of popular titles to DVRs, where they will be stored for viewers to order. Other titles would be downloaded via broadband, the Journal said.

LAUNCH MISSION - As of press time, things were going well in Kazakhstan for tonight's launch of the AMC-14 satellite for SES AMERICOM. The flight is set for 07:18 p.m. Eastern. Once in orbit, the satellite will support DISH Network's efforts to expand HD programming.

PEOPLE - Another star joins Charlie Chat. DISH Network Founder and CEO Charlie Ergen and fellow company co-founder Jim DeFranco pose with "Battlestar Galactica" star Tricia Helfer following the company's quarterly televised visit with customers (see image below). Charlie Chat is a live broadcast that offers updates and information to DISH Network customers. Helfer was the featured guest on the program, which aired Monday night.