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Thread: Sagem flash writing

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    Sagem flash writing


    I've managed to dump my Sagem isd4150 and disassembled the code successfully with IDA Pro.

    This Sagem uses two flash memories, Sharp LH28F160BJE and AM29DL800BT.

    It is possible to update the soft in this Sagem via satellite...

    But, do you know if I can upload my own code/data to these flashes via my computer ie. with PC Loader or Patel JTag soft ?

    I've seen that other people have managed to do this with other Sagem models, with almost the same flashes. But I just can't get it to work.

    I've converted the firmware dumps into valid PC Loader files with correct memory addresses but without success. I've tried to upload .s19 files with Patel JTag without success.

    My problem is that I can't write to these flash memories.
    Is it possible that the flashes are locked somehow or what might I be doing wrong ?

    Please remember I'm a nosy newbie

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    Re: Sagem flash writing

    No one around here with experiense of flash writing ?

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    Re: Sagem flash writing

    Flash written..!

    I Managed to upload my modfied code finally..

    NDS have made hardwork on this but I fooled ya guys )

    I wrote my own loader, and problem solved ;)

    Hehe, The Sagem is mine..I OWN IT

    See ya Murdoch

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