NZ DTT service puts HD in logo

Freeview New Zealand has come up with a new “HD” logo so broadcasters can alert viewers of its forthcoming digital-terrestrial platform to programming broadcast in native high definition.
Launching in April, the new platform will also be know as Freeview HD, the logo for which (pictured, above) will also incorporate the “HD” sign. And the logo will also be included in the platform’s EPG.

Steve Browning, general manager of Freeview said: “We want consumers to know what their choices are for digital television and radio access. The name we’ve chosen clearly does that. It’ll enable consumers to clearly identify the consumer electronics devices that include a Freeview HD capable receiver and provides broadcasters with a platform to showcase high definition programming.”

A statement added that “rigorous testing” had been conducted ahead of the DTT launch. Freeview’s satellite service has been operating for nearly a year and at the end of January was in around 80,000 homes.

The DTT platform will cover 75% of the population and will be the first high-definition service in New Zealand. But the vast majority of the channels and programming will be broadcast in standard definition, which may confuse consumers who, going by the name, may assume it is purely a high-definition platform.