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The Madness of King George
(1994) Deservedly acclaimed film adaptation of Alan Bennett's play about the 18th century royal who lost his marbles.Deservedly acclaimed film adaptation of Alan Bennett's play about the 18th century royal who lost his marbles.
England in the 1780s. King George III (Hawthorne) has gone gaga. His family and his courtiers have different ideas about what to do for the best. Queen Charlotte (Mirren) remains loyal and supportive. Her lady in waiting (Donohoe) is embarrassed, particularly by the King's desire for her, which his illness has unleashed.

Cottage to Let
(1941) This fast-paced comedy-thriller stars Leslie Banks as an inventor during the Second World War who becomes the target of a Fifth Column organisation.George Cole made his big screen debut alongside Alastair Sim, Leslie Banks and John Mills in this lively World War II spy thriller from Gainsborough Pictures
Made in 1941, Cottage To Let is the dramatic equivalent of war-time government posters warning the British public that 'Careless Talk Saves Lives', and 'Tittle Tattle Lost The Battle'.

The Riddle of the Sands
(1979) While out sailing in the North Sea, Arthur Davies has a run-in with a local German captain, Dollmann.Two British yachtsman uncover a secret German plot to invade the English east coast. First World War drama starring Michael York, Simon MacCorkindale and Jenny Agutter
Nothing suggests 1970s and 1980s cheese quite like the triumvirate of Michael York, Simon MacCorkindale and Jenny Agutter. Okay, so the Logan's Run co-stars did make the occasional decent film in amongst all the shlock - although Logan's Run itself isn't one of them. But the very mention of Mr Susan George conjures up images of disasters like Jaws 3D and The Quatermass Conclusion, not to mention shonky TV shows such as 'Falcon Crest' and the rightly maligned 'Manimal'.

The Land Girls
(1997) Catherine McCormack, Rachel Weisz and Anna Friel are the three volunteer Land Girls who all fall for farmer's son, Steven MacKintosh.Anna Friel, Rachel Weisz and Steven Mackintosh star in this WWII drama about life and love in the Women's Land Army
This war-time drama and FilmFour production sees three girls from diverse social strata relocated to a small farm to help out while the boys are off doing their soldierly duty. One lucky lad stays behind to find all three girls quite prepared to do their bit for the war effort by lying back and thinking of England.

(1998) Cate Blanchett plays Elizabeth in this vivd and lavish historical drama, for which she was Oscar-nominated.The young Elizabeth I takes to the throne and finds her court a hotbed of bitterness, sexual intrigue, rivalry and violence. Historical drama starring Cate Blanchett and directed by Shekhar Kapur
Elizabeth This was The Four Feathers director Shekhar Kapur's first English-language release and he ditches the rose-tinted nostalgia often associated with historical drama, replacing it with an incisive exploration of political power-play and personal sacrifice. Charting Elizabeth I's passage from flighty young girl to immovable monarch, its sensibility is intriguingly contemporary, and Cate Blanchett won an Oscar nomination for her powerful portrayal of the Virgin Queen.

Dead Man's Shoes
(2004) Paddy Considine returns to find out what happened to his dim brother, who latched on to the local drugs cartel and became the butt of their cruelty.Shane Meadows returns with a dark tale of violence and retribution, starring Paddy Considine
Shane Meadows hinted at a darker side with his second feature A Room For Romeo Brass, but he gives full vent to the potentially violent impulses that lurk within all of us with this latest effort, a supremely efficient, brutal, stripped-down work of vigilante cinema.

Dog Altogether
Paddy Considine's short film stars Peter Mullan as Joseph, a man plagued by a self destructive rage.Fresh from a BAFTA win for his directorial debut, short film Dog Altogether, Paddy Considine is set to make his last stand as an actor in King Of The Gypsies, the next Shane Meadows'project. Dog Altogether features Peter Mullan as a troubled man with a dead dog on his hands. The title comes from a phrase his father would use 'when situations got really bad.' Shane and Paddy met at acting school from which they subsequently dropped out, going on to begin their career collaboration with A Room For Romeo Brass. King Of The Gypsies will see Paddy play the most famous bare knuckle fighter, Bartley Gorman.

Shane's World
(2000) Acclaimed director Shane Meadows introduces three of his early short films.Shane Meadows introduces three of his early short films and uses them as examples for young tyro directors to guide their steps to writing, funding and directing that first successful film
Shane's World is an engaging and irreverent feature length anthology of short films by Shane Meadows. The writer and director of the critically acclaimed Twentyfourseven, A Room For Romeo Brass and This Is England, first came to the attention of the film industry through his inspired short Where's The Money, Ronnie?. In Shane's World, Meadows returns to his roots with this and two other irreverent shorts using new digital technology.