A letter on NAB's push for a DBS must-carry mandate covering all 210 DMAs:

It is very interesting watching the NAB and various local TV stations demand DBS services broadcast to all 210 DMAs. Being a DBS dealer since DIRECTV came on the air that would certainly be great for my business. However, whatever happened to these same TV stations assuming responsibility on their own for improving the quality of signal, or any watchable signal at all.

Very few ever built repeaters in rural areas so that the viewers they claim are so important to them can watch a local TV station. People in rural, hilly and even worse areas have always been the last to be thought of. Isn't that why those same viewers forked out thousands for a C-Band system and then helped finance and make DIRECTV and DISH Network successful? Those rural customers paid for what the broadcasters should have done to start with.

Yes, everyone wants a clear quality TV signal. I do because it pays my bills. The viewer obviously does to make sure he stays informed during emergencies and to be entertained. The broadcasters do because it will increase advertising revenue. But who are any of these broadcasters to demand that DBS foots the bill? And of course there is the consideration the broadcaster will demand for allowing DBS services to use their signal. If only everyone could find a way for someone else to do the work, but still reap the benefits.