Signs of The Times

Two happenings last week which point to how very much the media world has changed in the past few years.

First, CBS disappointed shrimp lovers everywhere by canceling its popular (and, in past years, crustacean-laden) upfront party in NYC. Speaking at the Bear Stearns conference, CEO Leslie Moonves blamed the writers strike but then went on to explain that this year's upfront presentation will have "a very different look." The big difference? It won't be just broadcast. CBS plans to include radio, outdoor and syndication in this year's upfront. By next year, we'll bet internet and mobile are added to the mix.

While Moonves was describing CBS' shrimp-less upfront, the Kleenex of DVR makers made its footsie game with YouTube public. TiVo announced 2009 plans to offer a set-top box which will let its subs watch YouTube videos on ... well ... the tube. According to Nielsen Online (as reported by the L.A. Times) every month 66 million viewers watch somewhere around 2.6 billion videos on YouTube. TiVo clearly hopes to add some of those 66 million to its current 4 million subs thus hastening the long-predicted marriage of computer and TV.

So what does it all mean? Ah, that's easy. It's a madly multiplatform world out there and it's only gonna get more interesting.

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