Massa not sorry

Brazillian won't apologise to Coulthard for Aussie crash.

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa insist he will not apologise to David Coulthard after they collided which resulted in the Scot crashing out of the Australian Grand Prix.

Massa hit Coulthard's Red Bull car on Turn One when the Brazilian tried a move on the inside to get past the British driver.

As a result of the collision Coulthard was forced out of the GP after 26 laps due to the heavy damage his car took in the impact.

A frustrated Coulthard fully blamed Massa for the clash which saw the safety car come out in Melbourne.

"You've got to have your car alongside to pass someone, you can't just ram into them," fumed Coulthard.

"I screwed up last year when I tried a move on Wurz but I took full responsibility for it and I would expect Felipe to do the same."

Not sorry

Massa was in no mood to make any sort of apology to Coulthard though, and says his move was fully justified.

"Ask him, I don't know why he is not very happy," Massa said.

"He didn't see me. Next time ask him to watch in the mirrors because I was completely inside.

"I'm definitely not going to speak to him."

Massa did not last much longer than Coulthard and his engine failed four laps later, but he was already trying to make up for lost ground after spinning at the first corner.

"I went to first gear and I lost the front completely," he added.

"Even after that, I was doing a reasonable race even with all the problems we had but unfortunately we broke the engine.

"It was my mistake for the first corner."

It was a bad afternoon for the Ferrari's at Albert Park, with Massa's team-mate Kimi Raikkonen retired with engine problems four laps from the end of the race.

The world champion did get a small boost when Rubens Barrichello was disqualified from sixth for a pit lane infraction meaning the Finn gained a point.