Film Four & Film Four +1 18-03-08.

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Carmen Jones
(1954) The tale of the cigarette-maker Carmen and the Spanish cavalry soldier Don Jose is translated into a modern-day story of a parachute factory worker and a GI.Otto Preminger directs an all African-American cast in a 1950s update of Bizet's opera 'Carmen'. Stars Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte
The original Broadway musical of Carmen Jones was a hit in the mid 1940s: the novelty of an all African-American cast coupled with lyrics from Oscar Hammerstein (also responsible for Carousel and Oklahoma!) proved a big enough draw to convince Fox to fund this lavish widescreen version directed by Preminger. The title performance by Dorothy Dandridge made her the first black woman to gain an Oscar nomination. Sadly, the rest of the film stinks.

Cloak And Dagger
(1946) Fritz Lang spy thriller starring Gary Cooper as a mild-mannered American physicist who is sent on a mission into Europe to rescue a nuclear scientist.Next to Douglas Sirk, of all the refugees from Europe Lang adapted best to America and like Sirk found work in the studios initially attractive. This espionage story remains one of his most engrossing movies, despite Cooper who seems somewhat miscast and probably found Lang unsympathetic. He plays an atomic scientist drafted into spying in Switzerland then Italy towards the end of WW II to see how far Germany has advanced in atomic research. The great sequence is a tough fight conducted in silence, but there are other good things along the way, not least the enchanting Palmer and Polito's atmospheric photography.

Bus Stop
(1956) Marilyn Monroe turns in one of her best performances as a saloon singer who becomes the object of cowboy Don Murray's affections.Uneasy and spiky musical, with an eye-openingly adept performance from Marilyn Monroe
Bus Stop Monroe plays a Phoenix cabaret singer with eyes set on Hollywood who hops on a bus to avoid the crazed attentions of rookie rodeo cowboy Murray. But undeterred he sets out to make an honest woman of her. Which is weird, because if you reduced his costume to chaps and a posing pouch he couldn't come across any more gay than he does already.

Cheaper By The Dozen
(2003) Family comedy starring Steve Martin as the stressed-out father of 12 brats. Shawn Levy's warm-hearted family comedy also stars Piper Perabo.Family comedy starring Steve Martin as the stressed-out father of 12 brats
Cheaper By The Dozen Cheaper By The Dozen is loosely based on a best-selling memoir from the 1940s about growing up in a large family, so it's hardly surprising that it is so unashamedly old-fashioned.

Planes, Trains And Automobiles
(1987) Steve Martin and John Candy lead John Hughes' freewheeling road-trip comedy.Steve Martin and John Candy lead John Hughes' freewheeling road-trip comedy. An uptight ad exec and a boisterous curtain-ring salesman struggle to make the trip from New York to Chicago. Disaster repeatedly intervenes
Planes, Trains and Automobiles After the success of The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, John Hughes managed to catch two of America's best mainstream comics at the peak of their powers. The result is a fast-paced and fantastically energetic two-man show that ranks among the director's finest films.

Personal Services
(1987) A BAFTA-nominated Julie Walters is the suburban madam with some highly unusual clients in ex-Python Terry Jones' ribald comedy.A BAFTA-nominated Julie Walters is the suburban madam with some highly unusual clients in ex-Python Terry Jones' comedy, inspired by the real-life experiences of Cynthia Payne
Personal Services Inspired by Cynthia Payne's career as supplier of sex to the establishment (she's credited here as consultant), Terry Jones' post-Python directorial debut is a cheerful sex comedy full of oddly orientated eccentrics seeking relief from their stiff upper lips.

(2005) Yang Zhang's decades-spanning film tells both the story of an artist and his relationship with his son and of China.A soap opera of a movie that inspires very little in the way of real emotion, as Loren marries 12 days before Second World War, loses her husband in the conflict, discovers him alive and well and remarried several years later and sets about getting him back. There's so much plot to wallow in here that it's a great pity so much of it is overwrought. The Russian settings (it was the first Italian film shot behind the Iron Curtain) may look beautiful, but they can't make up for the shallowness of the movie. Both Loren and director de Sica should have known better.

Sea Wife
(1957) Offbeat melodrama starring Richard Burton, Joan Collins, Basil Sydney and Cy Grant drifting on a life raft in the Indian Ocean.Four very different folk find themselves on a lifeboat following the sinking of a British cargo ship. Flashback-heavy war-time drama starring Richard Burton and Joan Collins
From starring in 'Dynasty' to cameoing in 'Footballers Wives' and banging the drum for the UK Independence Party - the embarrassments of Joan Collins's later career have masked the fact that, back in the day, she was one of Britain's biggest actresses. Just two years before headlining Sea Wife, Jackie's elder sister was summoned to Hollywood by the illustrious Howard Hawks to star in Biblical epic Land Of The Pharaohs. Sure, The Bitch and Empire Of The Ants might have dulled her luster but there's a good reason why some people still talk about Collins with something approaching reverence.