DISH Pushes Re-Examination of TiVo Case

DISH Network isn't letting go of its efforts tied to litigation with DVR pioneer TiVo. Earlier this week, the satellite TV company asked a federal appeals court to re-examine the case.

At issue for DISH is an expert witness who testified for TiVo that the DBS service said contradicted himself in the case. Thus, the patent infringement verdict wasn't "supported by substantial evidence," stated press accounts of the legal case.

In February, a federal appeals court affirmed a $94 million jury verdict assessed against DISH Network in connection with the patent infringement lawsuit pushed by TiVo. In its decision, the appeals court ruled for TiVo concerning alleged violations of the DVR pioneer's software technology, but tossed out hardware claims made by TiVo in its litigation.

Meanwhile, press reports said a U.S. District Judge in Colorado has set an April 9 scheduling conference for a case involving DISH Network's current advertising campaign and whether the effort involving comedian spokesperson Frank Caliendo violates any federal or state trademark laws.