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Sea Wife
(1957) Offbeat melodrama starring Richard Burton, Joan Collins, Basil Sydney and Cy Grant drifting on a life raft in the Indian Ocean.Four very different folk find themselves on a lifeboat following the sinking of a British cargo ship. Flashback-heavy war-time drama starring Richard Burton and Joan Collins
From starring in 'Dynasty' to cameoing in 'Footballers Wives' and banging the drum for the UK Independence Party - the embarrassments of Joan Collins's later career have masked the fact that, back in the day, she was one of Britain's biggest actresses. Just two years before headlining Sea Wife, Jackie's elder sister was summoned to Hollywood by the illustrious Howard Hawks to star in Biblical epic Land Of The Pharaohs. Sure, The Bitch and Empire Of The Ants might have dulled her luster but there's a good reason why some people still talk about Collins with something approaching reverence.

Fanny By Gaslight
(1936) Romantic melodrama set in the 1870s, starring Phyllis Calvert and Stewart Granger.Fanny (Calvert) returns to her London home having finished her studies at boarding school in the 1870s. Soon her life is in turmoil. Her parents die, and she discovers that they have been running a brothel for years and that her real father is a cabinet minister (Lindsell). She tracks him down and he begrudgingly gives her a job in his house. More drama develops as Fanny falls for her father's adviser, Harry Somerford (Granger), and secrets surrounding the mysterious Lord Manderstoke (Mason) are revealed. A packed but poorly paced costume drama.

Cottage To Let
(1941) This fast-paced comedy-thriller stars Leslie Banks as an inventor during the Second World War who becomes the target of a Fifth Column organisation.George Cole made his big screen debut alongside Alastair Sim, Leslie Banks and John Mills in this lively World War II spy thriller from Gainsborough Pictures
Made in 1941, Cottage To Let is the dramatic equivalent of war-time government posters warning the British public that 'Careless Talk Saves Lives', and 'Tittle Tattle Lost The Battle'.

(2002) Washed-up Hollywood director Al Pacino fools the world with a computer-generated starlet.Fitfully entertaining but over-extended satire of the cult of celebrity, in which washed-up Hollywood director Al Pacino fools the world with a computer-generated starlet
Simone 'Synthespianism' sounds like some exotic kink, but the notion of screen performances generated entirely by computer has been kicking round for a while now, taking on increasing relevance in the age of Lara Croft and the Final Fantasy movie. Andrew Niccol, who scripted The Truman Show and wrote and directed Gattaca, clearly saw an opportunity to deliver another parable rich in ideas about media manipulation and social control, and came up with an intriguing premise that riffs on the idea of the synthespian (ie the synthetic, or computer-generated, thespian).

Wedding Crashers
(2005) Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn star as two long-term buddies who've worked out that weddings are the ideal place to pick up women.Champion liggers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn get more than they bargain for when they invite themselves to a high-society marriage in this spirited comedy
"One day you'll look back on this and laugh," says Vince Vaughn's character in this comedy from David Dobkin, the director of Shanghai Knights. It's a pretty good summation of a film that, while thoroughly predictable and infuriatingly long, delivers enough laughs to keep you smiling through its dull patches.

Mischief Night
(2006) Mischief Night is Yorkshire's unique take on Halloween, held on November 4th, when minor acts of troublemaking are tolerated.Racial and sexual tensions simmer in this Leeds-set comedy from Penny Woolcock
For those of you who didn't know, Mischief Night is a Yorkshire tradition that coincides with the Autumnal celebrations of Halloween and Guy Fawkes' Night. On 4 November every year, chaos is sanctioned as kids run riot playing pranks, somewhat akin to trick-or-treating - but without the treat option. This annual event forms the backdrop of Penny Woolcock's film.

Repo Man
(1984) Alex Cox's debut feature is an offbeat fantasy satire of Reagan's America, which is now considered a cult classic.Offbeat fantasy cum satire of Reagan's America from the unique creative mind of Alex Cox. Stars Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton as car repossessors, getting into scrapes and entangled in conspiracies
Repo Man What is it with Alex Cox, cult director and film buff extraordinary? He looks as if he'd like to be up there with his idols Welles and Buñuel, but his movies remain closer to Jim Jarmusch and Roger Corman. Whatever the problem, the potential of his blackly satiric take on American culture has never been realised, and this chase through urban chaos remains his best movie.

Chance Of A Lifetime
(1950) Comedy drama about a group of workers who agree to swap places with their stressed factory owner, and take over and run the plant.Miles's blue-collar satire shows what happens when the workers at a plough factory, protesting at their low wages and appalling conditions, are given the opportunity to run the place themselves. Which all sounds like a dream come true (as typified by the title), until they begin to realize the pitfalls of management. It's a brave film, whose blend of comedy and drama doesn't always work, yet somehow its earnestness and effort to make a serious point about business hierarchy give it an edge that many homegrown efforts lack.