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Thread: teddy just like to say hi

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    teddy just like to say hi

    hi all here at fun file ,

    well i jot this link ofJFKf which is a forum i visit most days although idon'tt seem to post much, i think a lot of people are like me and lackconfidencese in certain areas so i tend to post if i see somethinginterestingg or can advise on something.

    so a little about how i got intoSat'ss, i seen one of these skystar card systems at a computer fair years ago and did not think much about as i thought it was all bull, then i seen a friend who had a fix system and thought hmm this looks good so i had another look. had a chat about them and had a look on the net and then bought one as a package deliveredd and fitted lol)

    neverrelayy looked back since, to me it is just a hobby and loads of fun getting the channelsRatherr than having the sat, i got it for the footy and cant remember never being able to see most game etc, with these card i fairly up on them in the working and getting the best out of them. people who slag them off should have a look at them as i have never bought or needed a cam or card.

    next i went onto a dreambox 7000 LOL, bit mor work and a year on and still learning , at the moment i am trying to get a wireless network sorted out and getting the box backINTERNETt connected although i seem to ftp most what i need

    so i have 2 systems and both have there advantages ,

    well gone on a bit so stop here and hope i can help others as i have been helped coz it is what it is all about , oh yes and having fun LOL


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    Re: teddy just like to say hi

    Well "teddy", Welcome, you don't seem to be at a loss for words. That's what we like. Come in and join the fun. We would certainly welcome your experiences, as we do others.
    Kindest Regards, Bill & the FunFiles Team.

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    Post Re: teddy just like to say hi

    thanx Bill

    for your reply , if i can advise i always will as i like to help when i can because it is what it is all about, to me the sat hobby is a bit of fun and to be honest don't know what system i prefer,

    the s*star card is so easy to upgrade and keep on top of although sorted my network so the dream box is now, the only problem is the Mary's keys although i am getting them from a friend at the moment and just ftp ing them


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    Re: teddy just like to say hi

    Hola y bienvenido(a) a nuestro foro (Peña) y disfruta de la presencia.


    Hello and welcome to our forum and enjoys it.


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    Re: teddy just like to say hi

    mate and enjoy your stay here !!!

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    Re: teddy just like to say hi

    hello and welcome to SatSupreme

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