Heikki mishap forces rethink

McLaren to consider redesign after speed limiter mishap

Heikki Kovalainen's mishap with his pit-lane speed limiter during the Australian Grand Prix has forced McLaren-Mercedes to have a rethink about the system.

Kovalainen had passed Renault's Fernando Alonso for fourth place on the penultimate lap at Albert Park when he accidentally hit the speed limiter button on the start-finish straight.

Alonso was therefore able to nip back past and reclaim the position.

McLaren now plan to look into changing the system to make sure there is no repeat of the incident.

"We'll certainly look at changing it for the future," McLaren's engineering director Paddy Lowe www.autosport.com.

"I think we could have done a better job frankly to stop that happening - either in the way it's managed electronically or just simply in the way we manage it ergonomically.

"It shouldn't be something you can pick up by accident when you're moving your hands around."